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1x 500m CSS 2x 400m CSS (:60 interval) 3x 200m CSS(:45 interval) 4x 100m CSS (:30 interval) 5x 50m Freestyle(:15 interval).

10 rounds: 100m sprint 5x jump squats 100m sprint 5x jumping lunges Rest 90-120 seconds between rounds.

Run 2 miles Swim 2 miles Run 2 miles Focus on quick transitions.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of… 10x burpee pull ups 10x push ups 10x wtd lunge (use any weight you have access to and carry it in the front of your body like you have a log) Then run as far as possible in 30 minutes.  At 15 minutes, turn around […]

Run 1 mile Lunge 400m Run 1 mile Bear crawl 400m Run 1 mile.

Run 3 miles, then swim 2,000m with fins. Use open water if you have access to it. Practice on guiding.

This past week we had a select group from a Canadian infantry regiment, many of whom have their eyes on JTF-2 or another Canadian SOF unit, attend a SEALFIT Unit Academy.  What a great group of guys and a great experience we had coaching these warriors.  I have always believed that there was no such […]

For time: 100x 4-count mountain climbers 100x pull ups, 100x air squats 100x 4-count flutter kicks 100x push ups Then run 4 miles Goal is under 30 minutes.

500m CSS 10 rounds: 25m CSS sprint  25m Freestyle sprint 30 sec rest 500m CSS

Complete 8 rounds of the following: 400m run  5x burpee broad jumps 10x lunges 15x sit ups