How to Develop an Unbeatable Mind

You don’t have to join the Navy and become a SEAL to develop a warrior mind set and operate at a level of awareness and power that is uncommon.

The term “warrior” comes with a lot of baggage.  Many assume that one has to be a “combat fighter” to be a warrior.  Certainly most elite military and first response “sheepdogs” are true warriors and walk the talk.

However, many others develop the same level of fitness, awareness and offensive mind set as these combat oriented warriors.  But they serve in a peaceful manner.  We have seen it repeatedly in our SEALFIT training.  Most of these trainees were in their 40’s!

The path of the warrior will call you when you are ready.

If you dreamed about being a Green Beret or Navy SEAL from the age of 10, then it is likely that the warrior path called you for a role as a combat warrior.  Whether you acted on it is another thing.

If you were propelled into a purpose driven career having nothing to do with the art of war, yet find the values, nuanced code of honor, team camaraderie, physical readiness and mind set of the combat warrior compelling, then now is the time to start your training.

Those of us who have been on elite teams and lived the life of a combat warrior often take for granted the enormous amount of experience, equipment, supplies, systems and structure involved in the grooming of the skills and cultivation of the warrior mind.  For a SEAL, it is five years before you are considered at the top of your game, and you are still a new guy at that.  The training is continuous, professionally delivered, cutting edge and critical to mission success.  The mental development is part and parcel of your job.  It just happens.

How can a business professional, medical professional, non-profit executive, or stay at home dad or mom develop these same mental skills without leaving it all behind to join the military?

It starts with how you define yourself and your role in life.  Choosing a warrior’s path can be a lonely and painful road.  It takes discipline, courage and staying power.  It is a lifetime of self-mastery and service.

Joe Stumpf, a 54 year old professional business coach, who completed our August 3 week Academy and Kokoro Camp (Fire in the Belly awardee!), portrays this attitude in this email to me:


 It’s been 3 weeks since the completion of the Academy and KOKORO Camp.

 I have been around the personal and professional development industry for more than three decades.

I have been blessed to have some of the best mentors and teachers cross my path. So when I say the 3 week Academy and the KOKORO Camp was by far the most transformational experience I have been through it comes from a place of deep knowing.

 One of insights that I gleamed was a new clarity about how I choose to live the next 50 years of my life.  

You’ve helped me insightfully understand the importance of defining my passion, purpose and principals and how they will guide my day to day living.

 My passion is to live my most authentic life and publicly be a model of possibility, by being a living example of the Warriors Spirit. 

 My Purpose is to inspire others by living visibly as a light and always allowing that light to shine by loving dangerously and striking a balance between pure joy and authentic compassion and understanding for others and myself.

 My Principals is to be guided only by my innate warrior wisdom and allow only thoughts of peace, love and joy to guide my choices.

 Thank you for all you do you’ve profoundly altered my paradigm about who I choose to be for the rest of my life.


P.S. The 3 week Academy and the KOKORO Camp was the best investment of time and money I have ever given myself and I welcome anyone who is considering the experience,  especially if in the OVER 50 group, to call or write me-  I would love to share my experience.

Way to go Joe!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friend Tony Blauer, a warrior who also exemplifies what I am trying to get across in this writing.  He was never in the military or law enforcement communities, yet Tony is one of the most sought after and respected hand to hand combat instructors in the world.   Tony’s SPEAR system is used by the police force of the UK, and many military and LEO units around the world.

Tony shares my passion for the mental development of the warrior.  What I call the “Unbeatable Mind.”

Tony explained to me how his training helps an individual to have the awareness to first detect the threat.  Threat detection is about situational awareness as well as intuitive development, which is the focus of our 4th mountain of SEALFIT training.

Next he trains to diffuse the threat.   Who wants to engage in a deadly force encounter if you don’t have to?  Face it, someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed.  Sucks if it were you right?  The true warrior is the LAST to pick up the lance.  So you must learn emotional control, evasive action and the language of threat diffusion so that your first and final action can be no action.

Finally, as a last resort, Tony will add to your tool kit to ensure you can defend against the threat.  His SPEAR system is a “deflect-defend’ tool which is a bridge to your next move, and can make the singular difference between success and failure in an engagement.

I am excited to join Tony at the first Personal Defense Readiness certification to be held at SEALFIT HQ on November 4th to 6th.  At this seminar Tony will certify those who are in or heading into a warrior career, such as LEO, military and Personal Security professionals.

I will be participating in the certification, as well as teaching a session on mental toughness and a warrior yoga combat conditioning session and SEALFIT Operator WOD.  See for details.


A number of you have been patiently waiting for me to announce our own SEALFIT certification program.  Well here it is – our first certification course will be held November 7 to 11th, the week after Tony’s PDR certification.

Enroll in the PDR certification and receive a 10% discount on the SEALFIT certification course.  SEALFIT certification requires successful Kokoro camp completion, an internship at Kokoro, and a CrossFit Level I certification with a year of coaching.  However, you DO NOT need to have these pre-requisites lined up before the SEALFIT certification – assuming you have an advanced skill level.  Check with us if you are on the fence.

This is an amazing opportunity to get top training from two paradigm shifting programs and leave with both certifications!

Call us at (760) 634-1833 or click here for enrollment

Look for my updated 8 Weeks to SEALFIT book with three new chapters and my new ebook  Unbeatable Mind both due out in October.

Train hard, stay safe and have fun!  — Coach Divine

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