The Mark Divine BLOG: Q&A Session with Mark!

Hello tribe! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Q&A so I’m making some time in today’s blog to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting through social media. Here we go:

@RyanDavis via Twitter:  

Q: @MarkDivine What to do if you don’t feel like your “Why” is complete? It’s a “Why” impostor, or a “why” that doesn’t fit?

A: I think most feel their why can be better defined or refined… in essence, it is never complete because “we” are never complete. But this doesn’t mean we give up and stop trying to understand ourselves. In fact, I would like to say that this is a good thing because it shows great self-awareness, that you are growing and not satisfied with the status quo. It is a mistake to think that you will someday have it all figured out and your decisions will flow magically from a crystal clear “why.” You just get closer and closer to your truth and make the best decisions you can moment to moment.

@DJElliott via Twitter:

Q: Have you been watching SIX and if so have you enjoyed it? Do they capture any of the life of a SEAL?

A: We had a great time training the actors and they each told me what a profound impact that training had on them—and later they said in interviews that SEALFIT helped them understand what a real team felt like, and the incredible sacrifice and suffering SEALs go through to get and do, their job.

I haven’t seen the show (yet) because my schedule has been super busy, but I hear it is excellent. The military advisor, Mitch Hall is a great friend who served in a platoon I led at SEAL Team THREE. I know a lot of my SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind teams are watching it and love it!

@YoungZion via Twitter:

Q: Do you have any detail on anything new you’re cooking for 2017?

A: Hi @YoungZion! We have a few cool things coming. 2016 was a year of transition for me and I did a lot of thinking about what comes next. A new version of my “why” is unfolding, and I want to impact more people positively but can’t do it in person very well without crushing my body and motivation. So this is what is coming:

  1. Courage Foundation  I know what impact Unbeatable Mind training can have with people who are lost or suffering – so I am launching a 501c3 non-profit organization called Courage Foundation to work with populations in serious hurt locker…starting with prisoners, veterans suffering from PTSD, and abused women. We are hosting an online fundraising auction March 1-10 with many cool things to bid on (including a private training day with me!) to help get this off the ground. To check out the items up for auction, CLICK HERE. Hooyah!


  1. SEALFIT Bootcamp – soft launch late March. This is a high-end video production of our new training regimen which is like a SEALFIT OPWOD (our most advanced fitness training model) without the barbell work. Like p90X you will be able to watch, learn and follow along as I or one of my coaches lead you through a killer workout which will not only make you functionally fit for life, but also drill the big four skills of mental toughness relentlessly. Each workout is meant also to cultivate a SEALFIT value such as Honor, Courage, and Commitment. It will be a great way to bring more people into the SEALFIT lifestyle because – though extremely challenging and effective – the training is also simple, uses only a few easy to use tools (pull-up bar, box, jump rope, sand bag, and dumbbell) and is scalable for all levels.


  1. Unbeatable Leader Book and Journal – Kickstarter campaign this summer or early fall. On the creative front, I have started to work on my next book – which is a new look at Unbeatable Mind training for leaders and organizations. Based on my personal experience building teams and companies, and a bunch of awesome UM students who have taken the principles into their workplace. I am stoked about this new book, and at the same time worried that I won’t get it right! I just have to get her done and put it out for you to decide if it is worthy. I am doing a Kickstarter campaign because I have wanted to use this tool for some time – and it is a great way to get feedback, traction and provide more value to inside supporters like you.


Sean Doran via LinkedIn:

Q: Is there one thing life has taught you that would have saved you a lot of hassle to know when you were 17?

A: Hi Sean! I would say I would get my ego out of the way, be more grateful for what I have, and be kinder to people. I guess that is three! But the bottom line is there is not strategy or tactic, a “what I would “do” different…rather it is how I would “be” that I would like to be different.


Ben A. via Facebook:

Q: Do you use any pre-workout supplements or drinks? What do you look for in a supplement?

A: Hi Ben! I only use AMPLE – it is a complete meal in a bottle. I drink about a third before a workout, then finish it after. Not only do I stay hydrated but I get tons of healthy fat, protein, and carbs to fuel my training. I think that when you are fueling well, sleeping well, and taking enough rest time from training, then pre-workout supplements are unnecessary. And post-workout, you need to fuel with real food. The problem is that it can be hard to get all the micro-nutrients and gut probiotics the way we eat – that is why the supplement industry is so big. If we eat better with things like Ample we don’t need those other things to drain our checking accounts!


Paul G via Facebook: 

Q: I would like to better understand what is the Witness and what is the Ego. From what I understood so far, the Witness is the guy that is keeping the reptile, mammals and monkey mind. So, what is the Ego? It resides in the same place as Witness but it has the opposite characteristic?

A: Great question Paul! Consider the witness to be the part of your mind that sits on one side of a window that separates your deeper, wiser spiritual self, from your shallow, egoic, selfish self. It is on the wise side and wants to see what is going on and to help and be connected to your outer rational mind. But it can’t see clearly or help out because the window is cloudy (or cracked). So, your witness can’t participate in your daily life and is hidden from your rational mind’s view by the mental chatter and internal dialogue loops that it runs constantly (that monkey mind you refer to).

The work of Unbeatable Mind and meditation will polish and fix that window so that when it is clear you will suddenly experience your witnessing self, and think and act more from your wiser, spiritual aspects. This is how the witness is different from ego…ego is identification with matter, and witness is identification with spirit.


Michael L via Facebook:

Q: What podcasts do you listen to? Who do you look to for inspiration and motivation?

A: Michael, you may find it hard to believe but I don’t listen to any specific podcasts. I use my time to train the five mountains and have found that most of what I know and need to know is found inside, not “out there.” Having said that, I think there is some wonderful info coming from podcasts, much of it very practical and helpful, and I pick up a lot of tips when I interview the podcasters for my own Unbeatable Mind Podcast. Strange world we live in!


That’s it for this round of Q&A. If you’ve got a question for me, post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or send it to me at [email protected] and you may see it next time!









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