How would you like to obtain an objective view of your team’s heart and desire to win, even before playing your first game of the season? Do you know who your leaders are and who has the never quit attitude needed to succeed?

Through our physical and mental toughness team building events, we will reshape your athletes (and coaches) cultivating the Warrior Spirit within each of them.

This is an opportunity for an in-depth look at where your program is now and what’s possible going forward. During our flexible 6-24 hour training camp, our SEALFIT coaches will expose weaknesses, break down the team dynamics and rebuild athletes with awareness that they are capable of more than 20 times what they thought possible.

This training is derived from our staff’s experience as SEAL training as Instructors, Operators and Coaches, and honed by conducting hundreds of challenging events since 2007.

To discuss a SEALFIT Team 20x Challenge please send an email including number of athletes and prospective event dates to [email protected]


The SEALFIT Team 20x Challenge will break down your team’s limitations and expand the scope of what is possible

During this intense, experiential training, your team will be tested and learn powerful techniques that will enable them to achieve the lofty goals that they set for themselves through leadership and teamwork. They will gain mental toughness and a warrior’s non-quitting spirit, learn to embrace the suck, become a world class teammates, and discover true potential!

Team 20x can be held at your facility, our Forward Operating Base in Temecula, CA or any mutually agreeable location.

Our training has been used by Olympic, College and High School teams and the results speak for themselves. From Olympic medals to bowl games to state championships. The SEALFIT Team 20x produces tangible results.

● Fresno State University Football
● University of South Alabama Football
● La Costa Canyon High School Lacrosse (Carlsbad, CA)
● Mesa High School Football (Gilbert, AZ)
● St John Bosco High School Football (Bellflower, CA)
● El Dorado High School Water Polo (Newport, CA)
● ESPN Elite 11 Camp (Redondo Beach, CA)
● Nike Football, Baseball and Training (West Coast)
● JSerra Catholic High School Football (San Juan Capistrano, CA)


JSerra High School Football
“SEALFIT Team 20x Challenge was awesome for our program. It provided a clear cut method of determining who had courage, tenacity and most importantly grit, prior to the start of our season. Nothing else shows ones true character like adversity and SEALFIT provides countless forms of adversity. This in turn allowed me to have a great evaluation of the mindset of our players in a rigorous setting. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to participate in such an eye opening event. I would encourage all interested to find any means necessary to get their team to participate in SEALFIT and find your teams “true” warriors”.

Jim Hartigan, JSerra Catholic High School

St John Bosco High School Football
“Our 2014 team greatly overachieved and overcame some incredible obstacles which we believe was a direct result of the lessons we learned during the SEALFIT exercises. The leadership group of SEALFIT properly trained and motivated our young men like never before. Their commitment to our team and to the process of building leaders was evident from the moment we stepped off the bus.

In summary, as the head coach of St. John Bosco Football, I would highly recommend SEALFIT training as a way for coaches to identify and build leaders within their program. The staff at SEALFIT are incredibly professional and completely understand high school team dynamics. After experiencing SEALFIT training, our program has gone through a leadership transformation that will continue our legacy for years to come”.

Jason Negro, St. John Bosco Football – Head Football Coach

To discuss a SEALFIT Team 20x Challenge please send an email including number of athletes and prospective event dates to [email protected]

We are a fully insured Corporation and also carry an optional Accident/Injury policy for each participant in the event. It would act as a secondary policy to an existing Athletics policy, which will be the primary carrier for the event.