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Power Up!

I have been thinking a lot about the notion of power lately. The word often has a negative connotation when used by the media – as in power projection, or abuse of power. However, what they really mean is force. Force is a push or pull, a physical action or movement meant to compel or coerce another object, person, entity or nation to respond. Power, however, is the ability to act a certain way, a way that can direct or influence, but not compel, a certain response.

So with that said, we can see that power and force are related but distinct. Force cannot exist without power, but it can have either a negative or positive effect. Power exists independent of force and relies on a skill or innate attribute to accomplish an aim, as opposed to a physical push or pull.

So let’s say that even though force can achieve a temporary objective, good or bad, power is required to achieve sustainable and worthy goals. Without true power, we would need to rely solely on force, like the bully, or on hope, like a dreamer. Since we don’t aspire to be bullies and don’t rely on dreaming of getting things done, that means we want to develop personal power.

But how?

The formula I offer is a five-part formula based on the integrated development model I teach through SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind. I call it “Power Up!” because it will power you up the five mountains of physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual growth. Here is a snapshot of the five power up moves.

Wake Up: This move is to awaken to your story and begin to live life on your own terms, not the terms that were programmed or dictated by others. This awakening is often a deeply moving experience, where a deep connection to nature and spirit is felt, leaving you changed and on a thirsty quest for insight and wisdom – uncoupled from the chains of previous limited thinking and behavior.

Grow Up: This move is the essence of the physical and mental mountains. We first grow biologically and psychologically, then, rather than allowing that growth to stall after we leave formal education years, we re-ignite it through integrated training to tap into our fullest potential as a human. That potential can then be translated into power in the last step.

Clean Up: This move is the most challenging for most because it involves slogging up the third mountain of deep emotional work. This will be the subject of a webinar I will be doing soon titled “Emotional Power”. The clean up move is working on our past emotional baggage, those patterns and emotional blocks that are hampering our performance and limiting our power now. Most often these patterns and blockages are hidden from our view, but can be obvious to others. That is why I call them your “BOO” or “Background of Obviousness.” This work of cleaning up is essential to compliment our growth work. Without it, we will limit ourselves and often torpedo our success.

Open Up: This move is an inward one, where you open up to the innate wisdom of your intuitive self. You learn to trust your gut, connect with your Kokoro Heart-mind, and see insights clearly. You make decisions from the “higher Self” and are in control of your body-mind-system to an uncommon degree. This move must come after the first three, as stunted development can prevent inward movement, making it very difficult to open up to intuitive and spiritual intelligence.

Show up: This move is where power is projected. The first four moves develop deep potential. When projected on a worthy target, with front sight focus, that potential will deliver extraordinary power. Showing up is seen as massive action fueled by your full potential, inspired by your purpose and guided by winning principles. Showing up after waking up, growing up, cleaning up and opening up will ensure that the game, battle or mission is won every time.

I look forward to sharing these thoughts more in the future, but now I need to get back to business. Keep an eye out for information about the emotional power webinar. Until then, get busy with your training to power yourself up. Hooyah!


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