Basic Leadership Academy

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The Starting Point in living and leading the SEALFIT Kokoro Lifestyle! 

The Basic Leadership Academy is the ideal training program if you are seeking a level of deep work, and beginning your journey with SEALFIT Kokoro 5 Mountain training, the path to conquering our ultimate crucible test “KOKORO”. 

At the Basic Leadership Academy, Coach Divine and the SEALFIT team will hone your physical, mental and emotional skills with the proprietary, and proven, integrated training methods introduced in Mark’s books 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind and Way of The SEAL. The academy is limited to a small number of highly motivated leaders from all walks of life.

You can expect to train from 5am until 7pm (or later) in a balanced fashion covering all the foundational elements needed to accelerate your training in all five mountains, and learn skills of leadership and teaming that will allow you to excel at an uncommon level in your career, relationships, health and beyond. If you are in transition, the deep work on developing your why and personal ethos will help you radar lock on the new path. You’ll experience a dynamic, challenging schedule balancing physical and mental training, team and leadership drills, class discussions and homework, skill clinics, Kokoro Yoga and yes even some rest and reflection time.


● No physical standards, anyone can participate who meets medical and age requirements. Though there are no pre-requisites, students are advised to prepare physically to get the most out of the training and to not hold back teammates.
● Over 30 hours of training, classroom and clinic instruction
● The SEALFIT physical and mental training models are used as a framework for integrated leadership and warrior development
● Introduction to the practices of Unbeatable Mind and Kokoro Yoga training


● SEALFIT Philosophy & Training Methods
Physical Skills for Endurance, Work Capacity, Strength, Stamina and Durability
● Rucking and Running in Various Conditions and Terrains
● Fueling, Nutrition and Injury Prevention
● Teamwork and Leadership under pressure – Log PT, Mission Scenarios, Hell Week Focus Drills
Develop your Personal Ethos – Passion, Purpose, Principles and Stand
● Mental Toughness and Emotional Resiliency
Breath Training
● Concentration, Meditation and Mind Gym 
Visualization Training


● Greatly Enhance Your Physical Fitness and Mental Toughness with the SEALFIT Model
● Set and Achieve Ambitious Goals
● Develop Leadership Authenticity and Vision
Develop Breath Control to Control Stress, Positively Develop Your Mind and Improve your Health
● Accelerate to 20x Performance with your new Daily Visualization Practice and Ethos Morning Ritual
● Employ Functional Interval Training for Athleticism and Become a Fat Burning Machine
● Develop Strength and Stamina to Overcome any Obstacle
● Embrace the Suck and get Comfortable with Discomfort.
● Develop Emotional Control and an Intense Team Focus
● Master Unique SEALFIT Austere Skills for deployment with SandBags, Sledgehammers, Tires, Buddy Drills and Ropes
● Get Real-Time Feedback from Coach Divine and the SEALFIT Team as you Embark on this New Journey to Self Mastery
Kickstart your training for the 20x or Kokoro Crucibles, or SEAL / SOF Pipeline challenge

Event Dates: 

JUNE 16-18TH, 2017

OCT 12-14TH, 2017


Lodging (included in price):

Cape Rey Hilton: Carlsbad Beach Hotel & Resort Spa in Carlsbad, CA


● 2 Pair Black BDU Ripstock Pants
● 1-2 Pairs of Compression shorts
● 1 pair of “broken in” running boots
● Minimum 2 white SEALFIT “Workout T-shirts” or regular white T-Shirts with crew neck.
● 1 BDU Utility Belt (Black)
● 1 Backpack/Ruck
● 3 Pairs Workout Shorts (recommend SEALFIT WOD shorts)
● Water Bottle
● Socks (layer for long hikes)
● Running shoes
● Fleece or Gortex shell (seasonally dependent)
● Toiletries/shave kit
● Casual attire for off-hours


The following medical conditions require doctor approval:
Diabetes Type 1 insulin dependent
Any type of heart/valvular shunts or stent
History of seizures
Currently on prescription pain medications


While there are no physical standards for SEALFIT Basic Academy, there’s no time like the present to start training with the SEALFIT Online protocol.