One Day Is All You Need to See If You’re Capable of 20X More In Your Life

Have you ever felt like you have incredible potential that you’re not tapping into? Like you know you could do more, create more, BE more? And if you’re like most of the ambitious individuals we’ve trained over the years, you know there’s more inside you… in all areas of your life… from your health and fitness to career and finances… to your relationship and state of happiness.

So how do you tap into that potential in a world filled with distractions and conflicting ideals?

For Navy SEALs, it’s simple: It’s something you’re taught from the very beginning—namely, that you’re capable of 20X more than you currently think or believe. That applies to anyone, in any situation.

Get a Rare Glimpse Into a Powerful New Possibilities

Our 20X event is a one day (12-14 hour) intensive delivered by SEALFIT certified coaches at CrossFit gyms and other training sites around the country. The purpose of 20X is straightforward and clear: to break down your inner limitations and immediately expand your definition of your capabilities as an athlete and human being.

It’s about doing whatever it takes for you to get that rare look into yourself and all that you’re capable of—in every part of your life and being.

20X training gives you undeniable proof that whatever you think about yourself now—you can do, be and achieve as much as 20 TIMES more. In just one day, you will experience a permanent shift in your awareness and confidence. This training is also powerful mental toughness preparation for deeper, more rigorous training and academies we offer, such as the famous Kokoro Camp, which you may decide is your next 20X goal after the challenge.

Many seminars and programs promise to help you change, or transform in some way. However, the teachings are often passive and/or theoretical. This is different.

The Epitome of Hands-On Training and Transformation

During this intense, experiential training, you will test yourself against the SEALFIT standard and learn powerful techniques that will allow you to fearlessly dominate many of life’s challenges. You will gain mental toughness and a warrior’s non-quitting spirit as you learn to embrace the suck, become a world class teammate, and discover your true potential!

Team 20X events are also available for high school, college, and club athletes. Contact SEALFIT for more information at [email protected]

Price: $495


What to Expect

  • 12 hour event introducing SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind methods through an extended hybrid challenge training
  • Delivered by certified SEALFIT coaches
  • Content covered and skills trained include:
  • SEALFIT Training philosophy, skills and life strategies
  • Develop Powerful Focus, including Arousal and Attention Control
  • Navy SEAL-level Planning, Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Elite-level decision making in all situations, no matter how much chaos
  • Powerful Visualization and Positivity Techniques
  • Teamwork and Leadership Building


2016 20X Events

March 20, 2016 at Vail Lake Resort, CA

April 9, 2016 at SLTC in Trenton, GA

May 15, 2016 at Vail Lake Resort, CA

July 8th, at Ben Greenfield Fitness in Spokane, WA

August 6, 2016 at SLTC in Trenton, GA

November 19, 2016 at SLTC in Trenton, GA

November 20, 2016 at Vail Lake Resort, CA

20X Physical Standards

The following are to be used as suggested  training standards. Baseline tests will be conducted within the first few hours of camp. They include:

  • 40 push ups (40 for women), 40 sit-ups and 40 air squats in 2 minutes (each movement)
  • 8 dead hang pullups for men, 6 women
  • 1 mile run in boots and utility pants on road in 10:00


Gear List

  • Notebook & pen, water bottle, hat
  • Assault or Over-the-Ankle Boots
  • Black or Camo BDU Pants
  • White t-shirt
  • Rucksack or 3-day Backpack
  • Warm Fleece / Gortex (depending on season)
  • Food and Snacks Provided, but feel free to supplement with additional fuel


Hi mark: four weeks ago a friend asked if I wanted a number to run in the Boston marathon. I hadn't been training for a marathon but I was up for it. And in order to raise money for his charity I offered to do 10 push-ups at each of the race's 42 kilometer points.

Long story short I finished and did 450 push-ups. Took me 6:20 but I did it.

People asked me what made me think I could do it and I said 20x. Plain and simple.

So thanks.

Hi Coaches

My 20x seal fit experience was really meaningful especially in terms of team. Too often I rely on myself to complete tasks and those four days opened my eyes to working in unison and relying on teammates as well as on myself to help me complete tasks. You guys made me realize that I've subconsciously stayed at the back of most situations when in fact I have both the mental toughness and the leadership qualities necessary in order to lead. I think most of the time, I decide to stay in the back because I find there are already so many of us willing to lead and well that is something you three have addressed; too many chiefs for not enough indians. I will be that indian and if I see an issue arise, then I will not fear speaking up.

I already knew I was willing to do a lot for the good of the team, this experience made me realize that I'm not alone to be willing to sacrifice for the good of our team and its truly heart warming to know. I was inspired by my teammates and not once did I doubt that I could complete a task because we were all in this together as one. I struggled at times, but then when I saw some of my teammates struggle as well, I became busy with helping them and not letting them give up on themselves, which made me forget about my own struggles.

I know for a fact I'm not a strong swimmer and when I struggled, having my whole team backing me up really helped me; never would I have given up but their helping hand really helped me forget about my weakness and get on with it.

You also brought up being competitive within the team. Demonstrated that winning and being the best pays off which I think we all appreciated or will learn to do so. One of our work-ons as a team is being competitive within our group and too often its forgotten. Trying to one-up one another will make us better rugby players.

I'm hoping that our group of amazing athletes will unite as one and overcome as a team whether it be against easy or hard opponents. Building this team unity dynamic will be our key to winning. We all have different strengths and by playing as a team, all individuals can be put to good use. This camp has definitely set us back on the right path to winning gold in Rio 2016.

Thank you for the opportunity


ou guys did a tremendous job! It was an excellent experience for all of us.

Go Jags..JJ - Coach atHead University of South Alabama

My name is Michael Hall. I was one of the Spring 2014 classmates that were a part of being guinea pigs for the SealFit 20X challenge. I just wanted to thank you for this great opportunity, with no additional cost in my student loan. There isn't a price that could be made to account for all SEALFIT taught me. I can honestly say I feel like I can capture the world and become anything I put my mind to. I am truly blessed to be in control of my entire mind. Words could not describe my thankfulness to you and to SLTC,
Michael Hall