Internships: Kokoro, 20X & HQ

Kokoro & 20X Internship

We encourage all of our Kokoro and 20X graduates to continue their personal development journey. In addition to the Unbeatable Mind Academy and SEALFIT Academies, we offer additional development opportunities and guidance via our SEALFIT Internship Program. The SEALFIT Internship Program provides a coveted chance for a select group of alumni to learn from Kokoro and 20X on the other side and to contribute to the major team effort in hosting these events. We award a small number of internships for each event. For consideration, please submit a video application that adheres to the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Video

1. Content

  • make sure you are in the frame
  • state your first and last name
  • the date of the Kokoro or 20X you graduated from
  • where you live
  • if you have interned at a Kokoro or 20X before and if so, when
  • the date of the Kokoro or 20X you wish to attend
  • why you would like to return as an intern
  • what you would like to contribute to the experience
  • what you would like to learn from the experience
  • how you envision that the experience will help in your personal development
  • how you envision that the experience will benefit others
  • anything else you wish for the selection committee to know

2. Video

  • max 3 minutes
  • upload it to Youtube and make it accessible by link only (not public, not private).
  • email the link to [email protected] along with your name, date of Kokoro or 20X you graduated from and date of event you wish to attend as an intern.

Applications are due a minimum of 10 weeks before each event. We will notify the selected interns approximately 8 weeks before the event.  Priority is given to 1st timers and those who have committed to Unbeatable Mind Foundation Course or have attended a SEALFIT Academy.

HQ Internship

This highly-competitive program is designed for serious SOF candidates who will spend several months focusing their training and helping with daily gym maintenance and event support.