SEALFIT is an integrated functional fitness and mental toughness training program. It leverages the best practices of Navy SEAL style physical and mental training, combined with powerful techniques innovated by founder Mark Divine and his team of SEALFIT Coaches through thousands of hours of demanding events. But SEALFIT is also much more. It is a way of being and acting that will foster breakthroughs in all areas of your life. To get “SEAL Fit” is to embody a life of self-mastery, forging discipline, resiliency, drive, determination, honor, integrity and courage. This training will not only make you functionally fit, but “sheepdog strong” and adaptable to whatever challenges come your way. You’ll get into the best shape of your life, learn to be a great teammate, finish strong, discover your 20X potential and lead your teams to a meaningful win, and contribution to the world.

Founder Mark Divine was a competitive athlete, martial artist and led elite teams during a 20-year career as a Navy SEAL officer. He created the model for SEALFIT to supercharge his own training, then began teaching it to SEAL candidates, who then succeeded at an unprecedented rate at Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUDS) training as a result of the innovative methods. Mark knew from being Honor Man of his own training class (170) that the mental training was even more important than the physical training. But the innovation is to combine the physical, mental and teamwork into an integrated regimen, which is how SEALFIT was borne.

SEALFIT it the epitome of a well rounded training program that is accessible to anyone, beginner and elite athlete alike. The starting point is the SEALFIT Bootcamp, which allows athletes and warriors to hone the physical and mental skills on their own. Then, you will want to test yourself at the world renowned 20X and Kokoro Camps, which challenge individuals and teams to find their full measure and tap much greater potential… a potential that is twenty times greater than what they have experienced before. SEALFIT training is rigorous and not for the faint of heart, it requires an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and a deep commitment to daily training and improvement. Day by day, in many ways, you will become better, stronger and more resilient. Through this program, and the sister program of Unbeatable Mind, Coach Divine has taught the world how to train and develop the “Big Four” mental skills and combine them with the physical skills of strength, stamina, work capacity, endurance and durability. This combination enables you to win in your mind before stepping onto the battlefield and tap the enormous energy that lies deep inside all of us.

SEALFIT doesn’t just help special ops candidates, military warrior and elite athletes. It’s for anyone that has the desire to learn the skills mentioned above, to improve, become a better father, mother, teammate and leader… and to foster a warrior spirit. In essence, anyone who wants to find optimal physical and mental health, live with courage, and succeed in whatever area you compete, is a candidate for SEALFIT. The training is demanding, yet extremely fun and scalable to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced athletes.

SEALFIT helps you master the skills of mental toughness, resiliency and deep team trust…
Physical fitness through functional movement
Mental toughness using the Big Four Skills of Breath Control, Internal Dialogue, Imagery and Task Focus / Micro Goals
Teaming Skills of emotional awareness and resiliency
Warrior Spirit, demonstrated through Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity and Discipline

SEALFIT develops the whole person, and our mission is to make you not just a better person, but also together to help make the world a better place. Face it, the world is in a VUCA state (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), and SEALFIT training will allow you to navigate this VUCA world as a “sheepdog strong” warrior. Destiny favors the prepared in body, mind, and spirit, and SEALFIT is your toolkit for preparation. You can keep doing what you have been doing, and expect different results, OR, you can enlist in SEALFIT Bootcamp to become someone special and upgrade your life!