Thanks to the principles learned in SEALFit I was able to “adapt and overcome”.

In the 2022 Crossfit Games this year, there was an exercise I thought I could not do and also an injury that I thought would eliminate me. Up until the last day, last hour I had to “face the fear wolf.”

By God’s grace and mentors such as yourself, for my age bracket and division, I had the fastest time in the world for 2022.3 and placed third overall (second place in the US and by one point).

I humbly share this to encourage you that your life is having an impact and I in turn am able to share this as a legacy with my network.

Thank you. Hooyah,

Rock Skeans

“This program is a game-changer. It’s making me a more fit, complete person”

Coach Mel—

At the suggestion of Coach Divine’s scheduled email, I thought I’d share my 30 day progress so far—

I started the program in late August, after recovering from abdominal surgery for a month. I was weak, out of shape, and eating poorly.

The 30-day progress along with diet change has given me more stamina, more confidence, more neurological muscle control and I’ve started to lose that spare tire, just a little bit.

This program is a game-changer. It’s making me a more fit, complete person and a better husband, father and teammate.

Thank you and the SEALFIT team for what you do. I’ll keep coming back for the next phases of the program and I’ll be looking forward to ON-RAMP when the time comes.

John Cassidy
Columbus, OH

“I truly believe my active and healthy life style has protected and prepared me”

Dear Seal Fit Team,
I want to thank you for preparing me to fit against Covid-19. I have been a follower of Seal Fit for many years. My first connection was when you started Mark and it was a dollar donation. I used your methods as my training for my semi-professional rugby hobby. It helped me make to playing for the USA Classic Rugby for 4 years when I was 43 and 10-12 years older then most of my teammates.

I have continued using your methods to stay fit physically and mentally. I recently contracted the virus and ran 100-103 fever for 13 days before being admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia. Because of my fitness and overall health my body fought the hard fight. I was release 4 days later. I’ve been in isolation since 3-20-20. I’m still positive after taking a second test.

I truly believe my active and healthy life style has protected and prepared me to deal with and fight against this virus. To all of you at Seal Fit Thank you. I’m a Covid-19 MF Champion!


“the single most valuable asset I had with me”

Coach Divine, I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to let you know I secured hell week this past Friday. I’m not just saying this but the “big four” of mental toughness were the single most valuable asset I had with me in first phase. Specifically using micro goals, positive self talk and visualization were what got me through hell week. Every time we got surf tortured I saw it as a chance to visualize calling my dad after we secured and telling him I made it. Well sure enough that visualization became reality. I still have a long road ahead but the lessons I learned from you and SEALFIT were invaluable to getting me this far.
Very respectfully,

“I’d absolutely do it again.”

Participating in a SealFit event is something I will never forget.  You don’t often get a chance to be around such inspirational coaches in a setting like this, so I knew this was an opportunity I had to cease.  It was simultaneously energizing, exhausting, and exhilarating to be pushed and challenged physically and mentally.  I emerged feeling stronger than I thought I was in every way… and I’d absolutely do it again.


“It’s my dream job and I couldn’t have done it without this program”

Mark and All,
Every once in awhile I just like to pop over to say thanks again. A few years back (2013) I wrote a snail mail letter to Mark Divine to thank him for creating this program. I used it extensively to prepare myself for the vigorous training I was entering into for the US Coast Guard. He, very kindly, wrote me back with encouraging words for going into training and some stickers to give out in the shop to the other guys. Now, I’ve been a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, like I think he was in the beginning of his naval career, for 5 years. It’s my dream job and I couldn’t have done it without this program and what it helped me unlock in myself. Now I pass the torch along by running a Reddit page for wannabe and current Rescue Swimmers to help inform and encourage the next wave of elite maritime rescuers. SealFit and Unbeatable Mind will ALWAYS have the highest praise from me, and I will continue to advertise your program through my site to those that want to get serious about their training. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

AST2 Graham McGinnis

“I feel better & am being a better mom, friend & co-worker.”

Coach Mel,

I never had the chance to send you an email to thank you for the last food challenge. I learned so much about how to eat better but more importantly how to fuel my body to make me the best version of me yet (seems hard to believe that I am in the best shape of my life at my age – a few weeks away from 40). I am actually doing the 50 mile GORUCK Star Course in DC next month.

I never had an issue with my weight until I was in college when I gained the freshman 15 & then some. I got my weight back under control but I started competing in the Miss MS Pageant system. (I am grateful to the Miss MS Pageant because my scholarship winnings paid for my first semester of law school). However, during this time I did some extremely unhealthy things to my body that make me cringe now just thinking about it. I would swim laps in an indoor pool with jeans on to work my legs because I was told I needed a thigh gap & I didn’t have one. Having your body judged & living with people watching every bite of food that goes into your mouth gets old, really old. I learned extreme unhealthy tips from other girls I competed with that I thought would make me better. In the end, I messed my body up pretty bad because of the yo-yo dieting. I became both anorexic & bulimic at different times. Food became my enemy.

After having my son & going through my divorce, my food intake became fast & easy – not what I needed to fuel my body. This food challenge made me stop & realize that when I eat better (and not eat so much cheese – that was the worst for me!), I feel better & am being a better mom, friend & co-worker. I am also building a better foundation for my son. Food is no longer seen as a comfort but the fuel I need to make me the best me!

So since the challenge started I went from a size 10/12 to a 6/8. I haven’t looked at the scale, just watched my clothes start to fall off me from eating the right way. I might have a bite of cake & that is all I want. I don’t crave sweets any more.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance & I look forward to continue success with the tools you gave me through this process!

Thank you again! I will always be grateful & blessed by you!
Emily Baggett
Decatur, AL

“I feel and have been noted for being a better man and dad to my two children”

I joined sealfit for an annual subscription (so excited) and started work on building my own gym and read some interesting books based on info from the unbeatable mind podcasts.  I have never felt better even though I can’t do most of what you really mega super fit folks can do yet.  Each day it gets easier though lol (And never quit). I also joined the way of the seal course and my life has improved and my awareness is growing loads which is amazing as after a relationship split up i kind of lost myself.  It was the Way of the seal book that quite literally saved my life in more than one way.  I feel and have been noted for being a better man and dad to my two children by many people and noted at work for inspiring people to really go for it and not look back.  Early morning workouts are really easy as I just get up before the kids and they sometimes join me, though mostly like to laugh at daddy warn out on the floor which they think is hilariously funny.

Please could you thank the good folks at sealfit, coaches, support teams for everything they do to make everthing so amazing, and coach divine for the mega inspiration work he is doing and sharing it with everyone in the sealfit community.  You have all done amazing amazing things and are inspirational folks and to be honest words can’t really describe the thanks I have for you all, and respect too.

With heart felt thanks, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you all.  May you all attain your goals  “Many many thanks”


This experience was an eye-opener of totally unknown levels I would have never believed to be possible!

What an absolutely amazing experience all of you made possible for us to attend and go through! I am beyond thankful for all the great advice and teachings you, John, Mark, Mike, Catherine, William and all members of the Sealfit community have given to me during those long months of preparation in Encinitas & at home. THANK YOU MILLION TIMES! This experience was an eye-opener of totally unknown levels I would have never believed to be possible! And it is impossible to understand the 20x-factor on a mere intellectual level just by reading reviews or books… one has to experience it!!! WOW!!! This fantastic experience will propel all of my training & mindset into totally new levels!!! And there is no doubt that I will keep training to earn my trident every day!!! “My training is never complete!“ 😉
All the best from Frankfurt, Germany

For me, it turned out to be a life-changing, mind-altering weekend.

I thought Kokoro was going to be an “event to be finished” like any other endurance event.  How wrong I was!  For me, it turned out to be a life-changing, mind-altering weekend.  This is a truly a testament to the coaches and program they have built.

Thank you to all of you at Sealfit.
Regards, Brett

“There is definitely a new normal and former barriers are being blasted away”

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for putting on Kokoro. It was awesome! Outside of family, the best experience of my life for sure. I learned so much from it, and (as you said) more things are revealing themselves almost daily:

  • The power of presence – not focusing on the past or future but being fully and completely in the moment
  • Understanding how much more you have to give when you previously would have thought you were on empty
  • The incredible power of resolve and having a strong why
  • The efficacy of micro-goals and mantras
  • The power of focusing on others and taking your eyes off yourself
  • Positive self-talk
  • Inspiring others through all-out effort (and the physical attributes that go along with that – physiology, voice qualities)
  • Front-sight focus (and then what you de-focus on – heat, discomfort…)
  • Embracing the suck and jumping over the emotional response – not, “How much longer….? Or “When will this end….? But – Hooyah! Got this. Easy Day! Positive self-talk as noted above but also not judging and embracing whatever is in front of you.
  • Relying on other people – knowing what you are good at and not, and opening up to others so that you have a strong team
  • The power of visualizing and winning first in your mind

In addition to the physical training for the event (SEALFIT WODs and enhanced running, rucking, swimming and breathwork / meditation), I utilized the Big 4 of Mental Toughness and Focusing on others to achieve this goal, which will help as a UM Coach absolutely knowing 1,000% that these approaches work!

By the way, I had a PR on Murph with a 20 lb weight vest last night – 33:08 (my previous best the month before Kokoro was 34:26), and my swim buddy told me he ran his best mile ever at 5:35 two days ago. He also got free Laser Surgery when he told the Dr. about Kokoro and his goal to become a SEAL! There is definitely a new normal and former barriers are being blasted away.

Kokoro, SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind, and Kokoro Yoga have had a profound, positive impact on me; YOU have had a profound, positive impact on me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to helping you realize your vision of impacting a billion people.

Jim Brault

“I got an email asking if I was tough enough”

I first bought 8 Weeks to SEALFIT in 2014. I got an email from Men’s Health asking if I was tough enough and I’d been working out on and off since 2007 and thought here’s just another program to try. As I read the book I realized it was about a great deal more than just a workout. I tried the introductory workouts and they left me on my ass, sucking wind, wanting to quit. And I did. The book just kept nagging at me though. Every few months I’d pull it out and try again, maybe get a little further than before but never truly get into it. I was just too out of shape, didn’t have the time, didn’t want to be in the gym at work doing funny looking exercises, blah blah blah. I built up walls of excuses around me.

I started researching Mark. I read Unbeatable Mind, The Way of the SEAL, and I kept up with the emails from the website. When Kokoro Yoga came out I jumped at the chance to be in one of the early groups. I finished that challenge and then the Clean Eating Challenge as well. Then I heard about Bootcamp. The introductory level workouts to get you ready for Onramp. It was like a dream come true. The missing piece of the puzzle for me arrived. I told myself this was something I’d see the whole way through and not quit. Here we are at the end of week 12 and I couldn’t be happier. The excuses are gone and all that is left is me.

I can’t wait for the next level. There will be no quitting this time. The book I’ve carried around in my gym bag for 3 years doesn’t scare me anymore, it challenges me and I will answer the challenge.


“You have had a massive positive impact in my life more than I can put across with words.”

Hey Mark

I’ve been following you’re work for the past couple of years. When I was 15 I read Way Of The SEAL and that completely changed my outlook on life. The one part of the book that has always stuck with me is letting the hammer hit the funny bone. In this section you talked about the time when you were singled out for 1000 man makers. When people reading this I thought A) that’s crazy AND I wondered if I could do something like that? So that day I went home and did 1,000 push-ups for time. It was hella hard and there were many many times when I thought that there was no way I would finish. Eventually I did I took me just a second shy of 3 hours though I did it.

From then on I started to embrace the suck and seek out obstacles to test myself on. Over the past few years that’s been an ultra marathon a 3,000 burpee wod which took a little under 12 hours and as of February the 17th my first 100 mile ultra marathon.

I can safely say that you have had a massive positive impact in my life more than I can put across with words.

Thank YOU!!!

Jason Woods, Hooyah!!!

“Your work is changing my life for the better.”

Good day from Down Under Sir,

My friend Matt and myself have been following your work for some time now and we find your work inspirational. Both books, The Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind are helping both of us with our daily struggles and finding a way forward.

We are both fathers, with day to day desk jobs aspiring towards meaningful life, and working towards it. Your work and books are helping tremendously and we have recently started with 20X challenges.

I just wanted to send this note and thank you personally, Mark. Your work is changing my life for the better. One day I hope, I will be able to afford to attend SEAL fit and earn my Trident.

Thank you again,


“My doctor was amazed at my progress.”

Good Evening Sir,

I want to thank you for responding to my email concerning my progress with the Seal Fit Program. It was very inspiring.

I had my annual review with Liver Doctor today.

Its been six years since my Liver Transplant. I received a clean bill of health report and my doctor was amazed with my progress. The last time I saw him, I was very overweight, tired all the time and suffering from metabolic syndrome due impact of the transplant and all the meds they game me to keep me alive. He had simply stated that I had to work four times as hard to lose weight and feel better again. Since then I have read three of your books and followed your program to the best of my ability in “8 Weeks to Seal Fit”

When I took my shirt off for my examination he was amazed of my progress and was very curious as to how I cracked the rust of my mind and body. I simply explained to him that I came to the conclusion that I disagreed with him regarding working four times as work as the average person to get well again….I told that with your help and your books I learned that I needed to work 20Xs harder than the average person to really get in touch with myself, find out why I am here, and finally learn what my 3 Ps were.  My doctor was very interested in your program and I relayed your name and information to him.  He is currently writing a book and wants to schedule a video interview with me to discuss how I made my turn, so more people can be helped to recover at a faster rate through the power of the mind.

I am looking forward to meeting with him and explaining in detail how my journey started. They will be tracking my progress every 6 months with body fat measurements and physical examinations. My goal is to drop 25 – 30 more pounds and lean out with a 10 – 15 % fat ratio.

Again I thank you for devoting your knowledge, experience and expertise to helping people become who they were really meant to be.

I once heard that the definition if hell is the day you die and finally meet the person you could have been…..that scared the crap out of me and then  discovered SEALFIT.

Thanks Again!

“Discover what it means to live with meaning”


A year ago, I sent this invitation to a group of Canadians – chosen for their strength of character, physical standards and history of integrity. Here’s the invitation:

WOF Image

On December 30, 2013 my sister died. Hanging on white-knuckled to the guardrail of her hospital bed — fighting cancer to the very end without an ounce of personal despair. She was a warrior.

A week later I was back at work, feeling impatient with the pathetic whining and complaining that our society has come to encourage and appreciate. “I’m exhausted” “So busy”. “My client/wife/boss/friend doesn’t appreciate me.” “Life is overwhelming”. “I’m so hung over.”

Add to that an observation. In business and politics and life – “leadership” is about winning a game at all costs. Cheaters are rewarded for their manipulation. Liars are applauded for their brilliance. Leaders are asked to be nurturing and accepting, and submissive. It occurred to me – that as men – we’ve lost our strength and character. Who have we become? Where is our mental toughness, our warrior spirit, our honor, our commitment. Our courage. Where is our fight?!

Look around. Physically, men have become soft – we totally lack discipline, guided by emotional whims – we eat garbage, drink ourselves senseless, and work out like pansies. We let our women open their own doors. Mentally, we procrastinate. Relationally, we avoid the tough conversations. Morally, our society is completely wasted.

After 20+ years training with elite martial artists, X-Canadian military & a handful of old-school police officers – I’ve decided to regain what it means to be a man.

Welcome to SEALfit. NOT for the faint of heart, my goal is to push myself and a team of friend warriors beyond our limits (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually). Together we will train, bleed, laugh, cry…and either “ring the bell” and quit or emerge as a TEAM of warriors – ready to stand together to do what others can’t. We’ll hold ourselves accountable. We’ll build our character. We’ll discover what it means to live with meaning and manners. We’ll lead and be led into battle.

Join me in a year long journey to prepare as a team for a crucible experience guided by the “real-deal” Navy SEALs in California. If you are hesitating, please don’t reply…but if you are ready and absolutely willing to “embrace the suck” – send me a one word reply: “HOOYAH!!!”

Your team at SEALfit were absolutely remarkable. You absolutely exceeded our wildest expectations. Every single person involved in the program was world class. You pushed us to our limits and beyond, and then kept on pushing. We have emerged not only as better men, but as transformed men. We experienced something incredible – beyond what words can describe.

And now, we are ready to plunge headfirst into the fight, we are addicted to adversity.

You are truly in the business of transformation and we applaud you for that.


HOOYAH Coaches: Divine, Cummings, Waterson, James, Taco, Bork, Will, John, Tom, Catherine & everyone else involved.

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“Found A True Sense Of Authentic Team”

Wall of Fame Image 9

Before Sealfit I was training at my local Crossfit gym. I was really enjoying the support of the Crossfit community in the early years, but the team aspect was missing. Through SealFit’s UMA program I found the true sense of authentic team and that drew me intensly toward Kokoro.

I’ve had huge break throughs in UMA.

Kokoro has caused me to be much more intentional and consistent. To find my single point focus that I was missing. It wasn’t what I had in mind but it WAS my blind spot.

– Jason Diestel

“This Event Changed My Life”

Before Sealfit I was in pretty good shape, I had personal trainer that was helping me get to my fitness goals that I wanted to achieve.

Wall of Fame Image 10

When I was I kid I always big on the military, once I was an adult I remember watching Buds class 234 on Discovery channel and seeing those men go through intense training like that, I was always curious what it would be like to go through bud/s. I found Sealfit which drew me in to find out how challenging it is to be a Seal.

This event changed my life that I can I push myself further then I ever would possible. Mentally it got me stronger then I was before I started Sealfit. I am hoping to take on the challenge of Kokoro this year for another exciting experience in my life. Mark Divine your a great teacher and I thank you for all the beat downs that we had to do to make us stronger. Hooyah!!

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“More Disciplined, More Confident, More Positive”

Wall of Fame Image 7

Before SEALFIT I was a college student and aspiring SEAL. I have wanted to be a SEAL for most of my life and had known about SEALFIT for years. Originally I was just planning on doing Kokoro in preparation for BUD/S, but as I did more and more research on the Academy, and read Coach’s books, I realized that the Academy was exactly what I needed to do.

From the Immersion Academy I was expecting to find tremendous mental and emotional growth, and thats exactly what I found. I can’t even describe the take aways I’ve experienced. What you guys teach at SEALFIT is so on the money. The biggest things I took away were the importance of breathing, the practice of witnessing the negative chatter in your mind, and the acceptance of the now. It was during Kokoro that I realized how important it is to live in the now. I think it was the first night when we were at the beach Coach Weatherford(?) gave us a pretty powerful speech that has stuck with me. By putting out 100% in every evolution, in every moment, in every breath you take, you have no choice but to embrace the now entirely. When you go as hard as you can in each moment, you aren’t worrying about how much longer the evolution is, or how bad it might hurt; you are being perfect in that moment. That is how I made it through Kokoro and how I will make it through BUD/S.

Wall of Fame Image 8

I am just a better person. I’m much more confident, more disciplined, and so much more positive. I practice daily meditation through box breathing and also do a 3 minute horse stance every morning as a form of active meditation. SEALFIT helped me realize that we control our level of suffering in any situation. While my ultimate goal is to be a Navy SEAL, the things I learned at SEALFIT have helped me in every aspect of my life.

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“I Understood For The First Time Just How Transformative Kokoro Was”

To Coach Divine and the SEALFit Staff:

A heartfelt thanks for my experiences at Kokoro and the Comprehensive Academy this past October. I reflect daily upon the lessons and knowledge taught during Kokoro and the academy. Not an hour passes without thinking of my teammates or the suck we endured during the 7 days at HQ! It was heaven on earth.

It was important to me to write a testimonial after fully absorbing my experiences. I knew I was a different person immediately after Kokoro. However, after having one of the most disappointing days of my life this past Monday, I understood for the first time just how transformative Kokoro was. On Monday, I learned that I am medically disqualified from joining the SEALs due to color vision deficiencies. This was a blindside and a gut wrenching moment to say the least. I’ve always seen colors normally and never had any inclination to believe that I have this condition. Earning the Trident has been my first thought upon waking every day since I was 14 years old. I’ve trained relentlessly for the past two years to forge a strong and durable body. Needless to say, learning that I was disqualified was a kick in the nuts. But something happened shortly thereafter that surprised me. It was my control over my emotions…and it was all thanks to what I learned at the Academy and Kokoro.

As I was leaving MEPS, I sat in my car in silence and focused on my breathing. I must have sat there box breathing for 30 minutes to filter out the negative and fear based thought patterns. Instead of feeling like a victim and asking “why me?” I simply accepted it as an unfortunate life circumstance. I thought “it could always be worse.” Rather than feeling hate towards the system, I embraced it and sought to understand why the rules exist. I was completely and utterly present in the moment. Finally, I felt love for myself. I didn’t dwell my imperfection or think about the what ifs. I listened to my intuition and acknowledged that there is something else out there for me. I am a warrior and I believe that the closing of this door means that others are now open. I am grateful for my training and the knowledge I’ve acquired throughout this journey and I am content with my current situation.

Anyone looking to attend Kokoro understands the physical and mental barriers that you must knock down in order to succeed. However, the gold is in how you learn to control your emotional response to outside stimuli. The environment at Kokoro will mold you into becoming a more emotional resilient being. No other physical challenge that I have participated in has penetrated so deeply into my soul. It is an experience unlike any other that will transform your life in many unexpected ways.

Once again, thanks to all the SEALFit coaches staff and my teammates. Hope to see you soon on the grinder.

– Sam D.

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