KOKORO – 50-hour Crucible

● The World’s Premier Training event modeled after the US Navy SEAL Hell Week.
● The Ultimate Physical & Mental Challenge
● Regarded as the hardest civilian training in the world
● Realize the Truth About Who You Are and Your Vast Potential
● Your mind, body and spirit are trained and tested during 50 hour event.
● You’ll find it to be an experience that changes your life – FOREVER

PRICE: $2495

20XL - 24-hour Challenge

SEALFIT’s brand new 24-hour event
● All Day
● All Night
● 100% SEALFIT
● Mountains & Beach Training
● 24-Hours

PRICE: $1495

Steve Weatherford WOD

Performance Academy

The SEALFIT Performance Academy is a 3-day immersion experience combining the core principles of SEALFIT, led by a team of SEALFIT coaches. The academy combines the best of our SEALFIT training instruction combined with a 12-hour 20X crucible sending you home with the physical tools and mental fortitude to accomplish your goals.



20X - 12-hour Challenge

● You Are Capable of 20 Times More Than You Think You Are
● Uncover Your Hidden Potential and Learn Elite Level Teamwork & Leadership
● Experience a Permanent Shift in Your Perspective
● Learn Methods for Personal Control & Transformation
● In 12 Hours You’ll Break Through to New Heights

PRICE: $495


SEALFIT events provide the unique opportunity for individuals to not only truly meet themselves for the first time, but to evolve the perception of what is possible by forging through our five mountains of self mastery: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional and Kokoro. Mastery of these mountains uncover an unparalleled sense of purpose and confidence in every aspect of life. SEALFIT events have transformed thousands of lives over the past 10 years. Our events use extremely challenging training methods to introduce you to your pre-conceived physical, mental and emotional limitations, then overthrow them. We provide the preeminent arena for extreme personal growth, it is up to you what you will do with it. Events range in intensity and duration so you don’t have to be an elite operator to be able to experience SEALFIT in-person.