Work directly with sealfit and unbeatable mind creator Commander mark divine to Take your leadership and team skills to an elite level. 

Immerse your executive team over 3 days in the INTEGRATED training that has unlocked massive potential in elite athletes, navy seal trainees and top professional teams. 

If you are part of an executive or entrepreneurial team and striving to unlock greater performance, and you are drawn to the SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind philosophy and way of life, as found in Commander Divine’s best selling books The Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind, then this training is a must do. The training occurs at SEALFIT headquarters over a 3-days with Coach Divine and our elite team of certified SEALFIT coaches and Mentors. The focus is on developing all the core skills, knowledge and methods to unlock elite teamwork and mentally tough leadership.

This program is unique in the world. You will gain enormous confidence and inner resolve as you also develop valuable skills that will translate into all facets of your life—including strength, stamina, mental toughness, emotional resiliency, durability, self-confidence, poise, focus, determination, clarity, purpose, ethos, and more— all leading to deeper character and dramatically improved results and performance.

Is the Executive Academy Is Right for Your Team?

This program is accessible to all fitness levels, from CrossFit and endurance athletes to those new to functional training. Although a background in functional fitness will make this course easier to navigate, it is not mandatory. The training is meant to introduce you to the SEALFIT “Way of the SEAL” lifestyle, and it will challenge you greatly but is not intended as a performance event. In fact, many teams will train together using SEALFIT methods for several months before coming to the course.

This Academy is ideal for you and your team if you’re drawn to the Unbeatable Mind methods and philosophy, and want to train the I and We spheres of your team, as well as gain insights on how to employ the program in the “It” organizational sphere back at work.

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  • A core foundational philosophy and character ethos that shifts the way you look at life
  • Tremendous mental toughness and emotional resiliency
  • Specific mental skill sets that SEALs use to perform complex missions
  • Dynamic and integrative approach to strength, fitness and wellness
  • Greater work capacity, stamina, functional strength and overall athletic performance
  • Develop the skills of an “Unbeatable Mind,” including breath control, positivity, visualization and front sight focus, that will allow you to operate from a place of deep confidence

It’s one thing to read the book or take a the course online—but it’s another thing altogether to stand in front of Coach Divine and his world-class cadre of coaches and receive hands-on training in the full-spectrum of skills. That’s what you get here: You’ll receive the highest-quality instruction from SEALFIT certified staff in the key skills you need to move to the next level.

Former clients, such as the Canadian Olympic Women’s Rugby team say this program will accelerate your team’s performance by six months to a year.

Physical Skills trained include:

  • Olympic and Power Weightlifting for Strength
  • Body Weight Stamina
  • Functional Work Capacity
  • Structural Durability
  • Environmentally Focused Endurance (Rucking, Running)
  • The unique SEALFIT team and leader development methods such as:
    • Grinder PT
    • Log PT
    • 3PS and Front Sight Focus exercises
    • Individual and Team Mind Gym

Begin to hone your personal Mental Toughness prior to the event with a 30 day free trial of Coach Divine’s Unbeatable Mind online course. These principles will be developed during the Academy and will provide the foundational elements for more authentic leadership and team trust.


  • All meals included
  • Lodging on-site at SEALFIT Integrated Training Center
  • Minimum of 30 hours of training, classroom and clinic instruction over 3 days
  • Special clothing and gear requirements – click here
  • Preparatory Training Regimen – click here



  • The SEALFIT Philosophy, Lifestyle & Methods
  • Uncovering your Purpose, Principles and Stand
  • Training with UNBEATABLE MIND Big 4 Mental Toughness techniques:
    • Box Breathing
    • Visualization
    • KISS Goals
    • Positivity
  • Endurance, Work Capacity, Strength, Stamina and Durability
  • Rucking & Soft Sand Running Technique
  • Intro to Mark Divine’s Warrior Yoga and Mind Gym
  • SEALFIT Programming
  • SEALFIT Fueling, Nutrition and Injury Awareness / Care
  • Mental & Emotional Resiliency



  • How to Greatly Enhance Your Strength, Stamina, Work Capacity, Endurance, Durability and Mobility
  • Learn to Set and Achieve Ambitious Goals
  • Train Breath Control and Learn How it Positively Affects Your Mind and Body
  • Begin or improve daily Visualization practice to Amplify Performance
  • Practice Functional Interval Training for Greater Athleticism and to Burn Excess Fat
  • Develop Olympic Lifting and Kettle Bell techniques for Greatly Improved Strength
and Power
  • Get Functionally Strong with Classic SEAL Body Weight Exercises
and Grinder PT
  • Develop Emotional Control and an Intense Team Focus with Log PT and Team Drills
  • Master SEALFIT Special Skills using Sand Bags, Tires, Buddy Drills and Ropes
  • Get Real-Time Feedback from Coaches as You Hone Each and Every Skill

PRICE: $2,995.00

  • Minimum 12 participants