The Ultimate Navy SEAL Experience

“Turning Steel” is a term used by active duty SEALs who served in the Global War on terror. Seconds before every target assault begins the lead breacher will prepare the assault team for violence of action by calling out “Turning Steel” over the radio. SEALs move silently and swiftly, often times not speaking to each other for hours or days. This simple two-word phrase is known by all SEALs who have been downrange and faced the dangers of combat.

The term was developed by SEAL Team Five, the first SEAL Team to be actively engaged in Close Quarters Combat in Iraq. SEAL Team Seven adopted the term and it has continued to be used by each SEAL Assault Team since. Navy SEALs have conducted over 5,000 direct action missions against the enemies of the United States. From the assault on the Tora Bora cave complex in Afghanistan to the streets of Ramadi, Iraq Navy Seals have taken the fight to the enemy. Now, SEALs continue to fight in the most dangerous places on Earth including the Korngal and Shai Kut Valley’s in Afghanistan.

SEALs ask for nothing but a paycheck and a handshake from their brothers. We are a tight knit closed loop community; we take care of each other and we take care of our own problems. We do not cast blame – we accept responsibility because we are Damn Few. “Turning Steel” is not a phrase, but a way of life. The Level 3 course is the most demanding course available to civilians on the planet. Very few will be invited and only the motivated will graduate.