This 2-day traveling course is designed to introduce our clients to the weapons of the body, offensive mindset and how to safely handle a firearm. All levels are welcome and females as well as mature teen-agers are encouraged to attend. We maintain a high instructor to student ratio and will spend all the time needed to help you feel comfortable firing live ammunition downrange.Day 1 – Unarmed Self DefenseNo matter where you go, you can always have the self defense tools you were born with! Unarmed Self Defense is a must for anyone who wants to increase his or her self defense options. And it is a highly recommended self defense class for women and teens, since they are the most likely group to encounter grabs, chokes, and holds with the greatest disparity of force during violent assaults.At the end of this class you will be able to stun and disable an attacker of greater size and strength than yourself and escape to safety. You will learn the self defense system taught by US Navy SEALs. This is a coherent system of techniques selected for their simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of learning.This self defense class is an excellent choice for those who do not or cannot carry a firearm and for those that need to augment their firearms skills. This simple system will give you fight stopping techniques that will work regardless of your size, strength, or physical condition.Subjects Covered:

Natural body weapons
Striking principles and vital target selection
Defenses against punches and kicks
Defenses against holds, grabs, arm bars, and bear hugs
Defenses against multiple attackers
Fighting from the ground
Incident avoidance and prevention
Offensive mindset

Day 2 – Firearms safety, sight alignment, movement and engagement.

The Basic Handgun Skills and Safety class gives students the information, skills, and mindset to carry and use a handgun for self defense.In this class, students learn to use their handgun safely, quickly, and reflexively as is required in close-range defensive situations, and to understand the legal responsibilities of handgun use.This course should be considered a minimum for anyone who owns or is considering carrying a handgun for self defense or who has a handgun in their homes or office.

Subjects Covered:

Firearms safety
Handgun types
Ballistics and ammunition selection as it pertains to the handgun
Holster selection and accessories
The integrated act of firing: stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger press, follow through
Speed reloading, tactical reloading, clearing malfunctions
Rapid multiple shots on single targets, rapid engagement of multiple targets
Engagement of targets from the ready position, the draw, and the concealed draw
The proper tactical response to single or multiple opponent situations
Legalities concerning the use of deadly force