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SEALFIT was originally conceived to train special ops candidates to get into the Navy SEALS. Then something started to happen that we didn’t expect: civilians wanted to discover what it was like to train like a SEAL.

But to train those in the private sector in this fashion – from top athletes to CEO’s and fireman and policeman – we knew we’d have to offer an INTEGRATED, HOLISTIC Training Program.

Many want to be Elite, yet so few realize that it entails much more than just training your physical body. You must train Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitional and KOKORO Spirit. We call these “the 5 Mountains” and there is no other program in the world that combines them all into one system.

In training all 5 Mountains something magical starts to occur: A SYNERGY that will create 20X breakthroughs in all areas of your life, from your health, to your personal confidence… your career and relationships.

Don’t just take our word for it. You can read testimonial after testimonial throughout this site from those just like you that have create the life that they wanted through our training programs.

And here is the starting Point: SEALFIT Online, where you can develop ALL 5 Mountains. Our FREE Trial is here. You can start with the basic OPWOD Training, get involved with our community or dive directly into the whole enchilada with the Mastery Program.

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