To qualify for a commission, a prospective candidate must meet the minimum requirements. The qualifying PST must be administered by a Naval Special Warfare coordinator or mentor.

To receive orders to BUD/s, a candidate must pass the PST, submit an officer package through a Navy Officer recruiter either at the Naval Academy, Navy NROTC college or at your local Navy Recruiting District. The PST consists of:

  • 500 yard swim – 10 minute rest
  • Maximum push-ups in 2 minutes – 2 minute rest
  • Maximum sit-ups in 2 minutes – 2 minute rest
  • Maximum pull-ups in 2 minutes – 10 minute rest
  • 1.5 mile run – done in shorts and running shoes
Swim 500 yard breast or side stroke  12:30 9:00
Push-ups 50 90
Curl-ups 50 85
Pull-ups 10 18
Run 1.5 miles 10:30 10:30 09:30


Prospective candidates can increase their chances of being selected for BUD/S and succeeding in training by having optimum PST scores.