Please take a moment to read  the SEALFIT testimonials submitted by our community members.  

“SEALFIT is informally recognized as the best-in-class mental and physical preparation for SEAL candidates by BUD/s. ”
From Command Master Chief Paul Tharp – as a personal, not official statement.

Ben GreenfieldThree major takeaways for me from both SEALFit Academy and Kokoro 34 were to keep my nervous system calm under pressure, to rapidly decrease my heart rate after intense exertion, and to be comfortable rucking with heavy loads on my back. All three skills came in extremely handy during my overall win at the Idaho TrainToHunt competition, where I was forced to shoot under high pressure situations, race at a rapid pace with 100 pounds in my backpack, and complete an intense obstacle course peppered with breathwork and shooting. Thanks to Mark Divine and SEALFit, I was more than prepared for these challenges. Hooyah.

Ben Greenfield

Coach Divine & SEALFIT team,

I would like to thank you and your team personally for all of the work that you have done. The SEALFIT podcasts & Unbeatable Mind book have truly impacted my life in a powerful way.

I am a Police Officer from a small department in Canada that has a large area to cover with limited resources. We work alone in very high risk situations for extended periods of time with little rest. This takes a toll on us as well as our families.

Mental toughness, self-talk, focus, breathing & discipline have brought me to a whole new level on and off duty.

I have lost 30 pounds, increased lean muscle mass, strengthened my mind, embraced the suck, took on the role of the morale officer for my small department and for my household, as well as many other things that I need to thank you and your team for.

I have been promoting your books, website & podcasts, and I will be implementing a 20X challenge for my department in the near future. I plan on attending the SEALFIT academy to be able to incorporate these lessons in our recruiting process to make sure our recruits are ready for the challenge.



Hi Coach Divine,

I know there have been a lot of emails going around as we all are trying to get back to our “normal” lives but I had to send one more. I wanted to let you know how much respect I have for you and your team and what you have created at Seatfit. Our experience was a watershed moment (many long moments) for me and I cannot thank you enough.

The professionalism, caring, attention to detail and pride in what you are do came out time and time again through our process.

My wife, my 3 beautiful young boys and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your strength, philosophy and spirituality with us.

Hooyah coach Divine.

I wanted to send you an email personally to thank you for everything. The whole experience was truly powerful and life changing. After having been back into my regular daily routine for a little over a week, I often reflect on the many life lessons and stories that I picked up from listening to yourself and many of the other coaches. Applying many of those lessons to my life is something that takes constant practice and hard work, but looking at what yourself and your team has accomplished throughout their lives truly shows what we are capable of accomplishing. Earning my trident every day is something that I will earnestly strive for moving forward, especially through the tougher times.

I look forward to my next challenge with SEALFIT. Thank you.

Nolan Montgomery
Camgill Enterprises Ltd.

image1(1)Your team at SEALfit were absolutely remarkable. You absolutely exceeded our wildest expectations. Every single person involved in the program was world class. You pushed us to our limits and beyond, and then kept on pushing. We have emerged not only as better men, but as transformed men. We experienced something incredible – beyond what words can describe.

And now, we are ready to plunge headfirst into the fight, we are addicted to adversity. You are truly in the business of transformation and we applaud you for that.


HOOYAH Coaches: Divine, Cummings, Waterson, James, Taco, Bork, Will, John, Tom, Catherine & everyone else involved.

Thank you for everything you do at SEALFIT.
In particular, thank you for writing your book The Way of the SEAL and your article “Staying in the Fight” in the CrossFit Journal.
Overall, the SEALFIT philosophy has had a huge impact on my life. It has led me to improve myself rigorously in many respects—especially my attitude, belief system, self-talk, and habits.
From SEALFIT, I have learned so much about self-mastery, mental toughness, focus, discipline, motivation, performance, and life.
In addition, SEALFIT first introduced me to meditation, which I take very seriously and practice twice daily. Meditation (zazen in particular) has fundamentally changed my orientation to the world.

Once again, thank you.
Colin Brown


Dear Coach Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for your training once more. It finally paid off BIG with my first big-time 20x challenge I sought out. I just competed in and completed the Spartan Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont! Could not have done it without getting control of my mind, utilizing visualization, breath work and positivity, among many other characteristics of your programs. They were invaluable!

If you’d like, I can work on sending you a testimonial in Video form that you may be able to publish on your website. It’s easy for anyone to say that the tools that Unbeatable Mind and SEALfit provide make a difference, but it’s a lot more convincing to see it in the form of a concrete victory!

I’ll work on sending it to you over the weekend, thanks for everything Coach!
~ Harrison


Coach Divine, I just wanted to shoot you a message to thank you again for coming out to Allentown for the Unbeatable Mind Seminar, the 20X Challenge, and for answering my personal questions. It was truly life changing and I am extremely grateful for the lessons on mental toughness and teamwork taught by you and the other Sealfit coaches – I hope to apply them to all aspects of my life and spread the word to my family and friends.

Sincerely, Colin M.


Things are going well. I am using several principles and re-creating some very stubborn cynical habits. That’s a path easily taken in a world full of negativity and a natural tendency for the same. I have found myself moving away from people that weigh me down. I believe I discovered this program at the right time and place for me. As I approach 50 y/o my focus is changing and my mind is also. I believe it is never too late to change and improve yourself. My aspirations of being a seal have long departed but the principles, mindset, and physical presence are still within my reach. Thanks for your mentorship. I appreciate what you do for others. This is the program I have been seeking for a long time.

Achieving SEALFIT!
Best Regards
Paul  D. Tieszen
Operations Officer, 103rd G3

Hey coach It’s been a few years since I was at sealfit and I wanted you to know it was and might always be the best experience of my life. Your lessons had a huge impact on me and how I’ve lived my life. I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and even for some of the tough love you gave me when I needed it. I often refer back to the what I learned during the Academy and Kokoro to help me through anything I face. Maybe the most noticeable impression you left was your challenge for 3,000 burpees. You told my class about it the first week we were there and left it at that. It was something unfinished that sat in the back of my head ever since. I haven’t completed it yet but I made one attempt. I got 2,328. I set a date for another go at it. Fall down seven times, get up eight!

Sometime soon I want to sign up for your unbeatable mind course to resharpen my self. And the post on WWZ coming to sealfit was awesome.

Take care, John Academy 5 Kokoro 16


Thank you Coach Divine.

Kokoro made the difference for all of us. It’s amazing what you and your team do to change people’s lives. Our most sincere thanks to the entire team for making us unbreakable.Tommy Hackenbruck

Owner, Ute CrossFit

“Big hooyah from SEALFIT to the team Hack!”


Hey Coach. It’s me Jose Jimenez, one of your old students. I have good news. I’ve completed my training and I graduate next Wednesday October 16th from the regional law enforcement academy. God willing I’ll be sworn in as a Deputy Sheriiff that day. I’m writing to invite you to the ceremony. It’ll be located at the Miramar Marine Corp Air Station at a place called the Bob Hope theatre and the ceremony begins at 2pm. It was quite a journey completing this training considering I suffered a serious shoulder injury after a car collided into me during the first week I was at the academy. Fire and medics had to haul me away in an ambulance and they put a neck brace on me. But I drew on all the lessons you taught me and I reported to the academy the next day for training. I stuck to my micro goals and we have prevailed. Hopefully you can make it to the ceremony but in any event I continue to draw on all the lessons I learned at Sealfit.

Take care, Jose


I hope this email finds you all well since I last saw the coaches this past June for Kokoro 28. I held off writing this for so long because I wanted to see what progress and/or thoughts would change since the camp. You see, back in my hotel I wrote (in no particular order) on the back of our original orders/quotes my thoughts, goals, what personal discoveries I had made and what my goals would be as a father.

All I can say is that Kokoro Camp was truly an amazing experience and something that I will have with me for the rest of my life! As I’m sure with most of the group I am astounded by the degree of physical and mental effort that is required with such an endevour, but what is even more apparent is the mental and emotional change that is made when completing such an event. The first day and a half was definitely taxing, but the turning point for me was the second night as we said “goodbye” to the sun…I also said goodbye to my former self. You see I was close to “giving up”, and that surf time at night while locking arms with my brothers that night changed everything. As I lay there battling to stay or go, something inside me finally “clicked”. Thoughts of my life up to that point came and went, what I explained to my son about why I was at camp and wouldn’t be home for Fathers Day, co-workers support (or lack thereof), my work/life ethic…everything. I thought I was doing well and realized that I had come up short anad that I became somewhat lazy. I decided that moment that things were going to change for the better and if I quit it would just make it easier to quit at other things that might be considered difficult.

Since the camp I have definitely made time for myself spiritually and to visualize my goals for the day and for the future. My time is better spent with my son and my home life and have become closer and more connected with my wonderful girlfriend Annakay who has been nothing short of amazing and unbelievably supportive before and after the camp. She even commented that she noticed the change in my habits and way of thinking. There are things that are still a work in progress…but I realize that I have my experiences and fellow Kokoro Graduates to fall back on. Please pass on to yourself and all the other coaches a thank you and my sincere gratitude for helping me along on my journey that is…life.

Thank you,

Alex Silva


Morning Mark,

I hope you and the SEAL Fit team are well.

I just wanted to send a wee note to thank you and your coaches for the time and dedication that you put into the daily WODs, though me and my boys do a lot of of our own programing, we have found SEAL Fit to be the best by far, physically and mentally more beneficial than any system we’ve cracked to date, and have generated quite a following as we’ve bounced between Afghan/Iraq and other crap holes dotted around the Middle East.

Have a great weekend, stay safe, and keep ’em comin’!

Scott C

Mark Divine and the entire team at SealFit.

Our seventeen year old son, Jeff Lyon, just returned from participating in your One Week Academy and the Kokoro Camp June 9th through the 16th, 2013.  Let me begin by saying I am so very proud of Jeff for having the mental and physical strength to complete this seven day course. As his father, I can see in his eyes the transformation this experience made.  He has come home with a renewed sense of confidence and I believe he has been forever changed.   If he would ever stop sleeping, we might be able to hear more of his unique experiences.  However, we have heard enough to know this has been one of the best investments a parent could ever make to assist our son with his path in life.  Your selection of Jeff to lead his team during Kokoro Camp was a high point for him and I trust he lead with confidence, dignity and respect for his fellow team.   Thank you for seeing in Jeff what we as parents have always believed, that Jeff is a leader.

Besides the physical challenges, his introduction to Yoga, meditation and the SealFit philosophy of “Forging Mental Toughness” opened his eyes to a new consciousness.  New thought can bring clarity to life and you have opened some doors for Jeff to walk through, should he choose.  What you do there is amazing and I stand in awe of each of you.  Thank you for serving our country and the sacrifices you made.  Thank you for making a difference in our son and all who have experienced SealFit.

Tom Lyon

My police buddy spent a weekend at one of Mark’s SEALFIT camps. He describes it as “three years worth of training…in three days”.

By Brian Woods


Dear Coach Divine,

It’s been a little over a week since the Kokoro 27 class began and I’ve been back home.  To say being home is a “let down” is a bit of an understatement.  Work has been crushing since I returned.  But, by controlling my breath and using positivity I have made it through the week.  I think that the reflections upon the previous weeks experiences are going to be slow and take time for me given the demands of my job.  It’s allright though.  It just extends the good feelings.

I did want to send an email and say thank you before too much more time passed however.  I had a fantastic time during the one week academy and the Kokoro camp.  I hope my performance was at least acceptable and I didn’t embarrass myself too badly.  SEALFIT has definitely shown my weaknesses and I know what I need to work on in the immediate future.  I wanted to say thank you for pulling me aside and doing a “private” Open 13.1 workout with me during the final beatdown.  That was a special moment for me and I am grateful for it.  I can honestly say this was one of the most life changing week/weekends I have ever had.  I definitely learned that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for.

I have already incorporated much of what I learned into my daily practices starting with a glass of water first thing in the morning and a moment to reflect on what I am grateful for.  It is my sincere hope to begin incorporating daily yoga and meditation into my life soon.  I am also working on how to pass on this knowledge to the Crossfit class that I teach.  I want to try to give a small talk before each class on the things I have learned at SEALFIT.  It is also my plan to return during this upcoming summer and continue my learning at your compound.  I hope to take advantage of the internship program for a future Kokoro.  That would be an excellent learning experience.  As you can see I am excited about all that happened.  However, I do hope I can help SEALFIT in some fashion as well.  I hope to give back in some way even if it is simply to sweep the floors.

Thank you again for all you have done to develop the SEALFIT program and making it available to folks like me.  Thank you again for an outstanding week academy and weekend Kokoro.

Sincerely, Brandon Jebens

Hi Mark, I have been a member of the UM community since inception and recently attended the UM seminar at Crossfit Admundson. I am sure Mark will remember me, we were the “flock”of turkey farmers!

Anyhow, I would like to send one of our very special reserve pasture raised turkeys to Mark for this up coming holiday season. All of the work that has gone into Sealfit and Unbeatable Mind is transforming our family business and we would like to send our gratitude for this offering.

Thank you very much,

Jason Diestel
Family Farmer


Hooyah coach!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what you have done for me. I’m 45 yrs old I have been doing Sealfit for 20 weeks straight I have finally gotten down to single digit body fat. My strength is out of this world but what is amazing is my endurance and durability. Competitive powerlifting had made me strong but I would get injured a lot. Couldn’t even run a mile. Now I do the MURPH every weekend and shaved my time down to 27 min.Hooyah! I can still squat over #800 in gear and pull #775-800 . Now I do reps with 600+ then do your WOD then W/C and then run hills with my kids. Thank you for saving my life in more ways than one. I could go on and on but you know where I’m coming from. Hooyah coach and thanks again.

Jim Thompson

I just want to thank you for the opportunity to attend Kokoro. It was such a great experience and I feel that I learned a lot about both myself and others, especially working with other people in small teams. I was also really excited to experience the tempo and intensity of the evolutions at Kokoro and I am only more confident in my future at BUD/s. Another incredible experience was the coaching staff and nonstop harassment, I absolutely understand the method to the madness at Kokoro and truly respect the coaching staff for their commitment to helping breed the next generation of warriors as well as upholding the longstanding reputation of the instructor cadre. I had an amazing experience. I also understand that there is room for improvement in everything I do and I definitely feel that Kokoro helped to expose the core of my individual being than any other time in my life. It was a great learning experience and I truly believe I am a better individual and teammate for having completed Kokoro.

Coach Divine,

I am writing with deep gratitude for the experience you and your coaching cadre led me and the other participants through during Kokoro 26. It was everything I expected: as difficult as I dreaded and as challenging as I hoped for!

During the hike up the mountain I had a sort of revelation that I shared with my squad and we agreed it was worth keeping in the center of our mental focus: “The deeper the suck, the deeper the transformation!”

Coach, in the few months I was privileged to sit at your feet as an Unbeatable Mind student, I memorized several of your teachings (I really enjoy memorizing scriptures and great quotations). Your first principle of success is: “Do something you love.” You are clearly doing something you love and it shows. Your sense of purpose and joy emanates outward to the staff, who are MAGNIFICENT, from the Seal coaches to the Kokoro coaches to the interns to Christine and all her coordinating and support work.

Related to those seven success principles, one that has really spoken to me is #7, “Take massive action.” That has always been a shortcoming of mine: I play it safe and hedge my bets a little. I even felt myself doing that from time to time at Kokoro. Your teachings and example, my Sealfit Academy experience, and my Kokoro experience have given me that as a primary take-away to work on for my second half.

I could go on and on, Coach, but I just wanted to thank you again for what you and Sealfit have meant to me in my 50th year as I wrestled with becoming an empty-nester and what my second half should look like.

With great respect and regard,

Matt Soper

p.s. Another great thought I memorized from you is the one about how developing an unbeatable mind is a lifelong journey. “Mental toughness is a perishable skill. If you do not constantly challenge yourself, push yourself to new limits, and test your ‘grit,’ then you will backslide and get mushy. It is important to stay in the arena of hard work and adventure….” I plan to stay in that arena.

Hello Coach,

I just wanted to drop line that is strait from the heart ,thanks to you I,ve invented a whole new way to do my work.  The work I do is vary physcically demanding , so through your teaching on meditation, breathing.and mental toughness – I’m working at a elite level.

My boss say”s I wish I had 5 more like you. And I think to myself, thanks coach, thanks for your emails, thanks for your truth, thanks for your leadership, thanks for SEALFIT, and most of all thank you for the sacrafice you made.  Thank you straight from the heart!

Jerry Baird 

My name is Billy Fletcher. I am 45 years old and am the owner of Crossfit Alliance and Alliance Jiujitsu in Greenville, SC. I had several reasons for attending Kokoro camp. First, there were some questions I had about myself in terms of mental toughness. I wanted to believe that I was mentally tough but wanted a true test to know for sure and believed Kokoro was it. Kokoro was what I was looking for and more. I also, wanted to use the experience to learn not only about myself but to learn things I could take back to my students. I am still processing all of the things I learned but am very pleased with what I have been able to take back. One of the great things I really began to appreciate was the the support from everyone. My team at Kokoro, my family, and my students all played a role in getting me through Kokoro. I did not want to let anyone down and I could feel there support when the going got tough.

As far as my preparation for Kokoro, I have been doing Crossfit and training Brazilian Jiujitsu for years but I began incorporating SealFit about 6 months before the camp. At first I continued my normal Crossfit and BJJ training during the week and then a group of us would pick a SealFit WOD that we would do together on Saturday. Then with about 8 weeks before Kokoro we changed to doing an operator WOD on Tuesday and Thursday with the longer WOD saved for the weekend. I continued with BJJ training and one other shorter Crossfit WOD during the week. I also incorporated some extra running and hiking. I have arthritis in my hips which has effected my range motion and made running uncomfortable. I am planning on having hip surgery sometime this year which was part of my motivation to schedule Kokoro when I did. I wanted to make it through Kokoro before surgery. Having said that I definitely felt running was the weakest part of my preparation and if I had to do it over I would do more running during preparation. Although the rucking was a stronger evolution and a turning point for me I would still do more rucking in preparation as well. One of the best things I did in preparation was to attend the One Week Academy prior to Kokoro. The academy was physically demanding and I was concerned about the physical fatigue going right into Kokoro. The positive of knowledge gained in the Academy far outweighed the negative of the fatigue. Much of what we did in Kokoro we had already been exposed to in the Academy. The coaching during the Academy was excellent. Coach Miller’s coaching on the Olympic lifts was the best I have received. Coach Allen also was extremely helpful especially with helping me with some modifications to work around my hip issues. Coach Jeff was excellent in helping us with Pose running. Of course Coach Divine’s lectures were great and the academy and Kokoro gave us an opportunity to apply what we learned almost immediately. The interns Collin and Eric were also a great help during the academy often training along side us. I remember the first run and as I began to struggle Eric running beside me and encouraging me to focus on controlling my breathing. Focus on controlled breath would become very important during Kokoro. It is one thing to discuss the importance of breath as we did in Coach Divines lectures but having to put it to work gave me an entirely new appreciation of controlled breathing. We also began to learn to work as a team during the academy.

During Kokoro we had to learn to work as team also. The believe the log pt was where we began to really work together. The mountain recon was an evolution where I felt we really came together. For me the mountain was a true turning point in a lot of ways. I was concerned how I would make it up the mountain with my hips already bothering me. My teammates encouraged me and I focused on my mantra as I took one step and one breath at a time. I knew we had to at least make it to the top and was very pleased and surprised when we finally got there because I had no idea how close we were. On the way down some people began to hallucinate and this was really the first time I felt I could really help take care of some of my teammates making sure they did not venture off the side of the mountain.

Overall my experience exceeded my expectations. Kokoro was everything that it was said to be. I was looking for a life changing experience and got it. As I mentioned the ruck up the mountain was a big turning point for me. As I look back it was somewhat of a spiritual awakening. Speaking with with one of the coaches afterwards and telling him my feelings about the mountain he told me he was wondering how I was going to get up the mountain after seeing how I was struggling with the running. Reflecting back that is definitely where the spirit had to kick in.

As far as advice I would offer any candidates, I would recommend to prepare well by following the SealFit workouts and spending some extra time working on your weaknesses. I would also recommend attending the Academy if possible and Coach Divine’s Unbeatable Mind program as preparation. Once you get to Kokoro I would give the same advice I received from coaches that I hung on to and found very valuable 1)Take one step and one breath at a time 2) focus on the evolution that you are currently on not in the past or the future 3) know that it will eventually end 4)most importantly what several coaches continually pointed out and what Coach Miller brought us together to tell us during the Academy to say it was the most important thing is “Just don’t quit”.’

Thanks to Coach Divine, all the coaches, my fellow members Kokoro 21, and everyone else who helped make Kokoro a great experience. Billy Fletcher


Hey Coach!

Its Jay from this last August’s academy and kokoro. First I’d like to say thank you so much for the awesome experience at SEALFIT. I learned so much from you that i will most certainly apply when I go through training. I feel far more prepared for the challenges ahead now that I understand myself on a deeper level. So thank you again. The good news is I have earned my SEAL contract with excellent scores and am getting ready to ship on May 14th. Exciting!

Jay – March 19, 2012


Just got back from the states….last week I completed the STO Phase II Assessment and was one of the candidates selected. I wound up having to push back my timeline by almost a year due to my job, but I finally got there and I made it! The lessons you taught us during the academy paid dividends throughout and certainly helped me survive some tough times! I am not sure exactly when I will begin the pipeline because I have to transfer into the Air Force before I can do anything. Hopefully, I will be back your way to get some WODs in before I get started. Just wanted to take the time to say thanks, I could not have done it without you and the training that you have put together for all of us aspiring Special Operations candidates. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to make a lifelong dream come true!


I’m really enjoying my 8-Weeks to SEALFIT book. I am using the “Loyalty, Service, Honor and Integrity, Leadership and Follower-ship, Responsibility, Discipline, and Innovation” in my classroom at school for Character Education. Also, the “Mental Toughness” and “Emotional Control” aspects of SEALFIT have actually helped me become a better teacher in the classroom. Thank you Mark Divine!
Alexander Mercieca

Hi Mark,

I just read your awesome Crossfit Journal article “Staying in the Fight“. I’m a senior citizen type and just started Crossfit a couple of months ago on my own.
I have to really scale things down, but I’m seeing improvement and enjoying the workouts.

This article applies to every area of life that I can think of, and I wanted to thank you for writing it. And we could indeed substitute the word “Love” for “Courage” (I John 4:18).

Thanks for the encouragement to Stay in the Fight, and live lives of Integrity.

Best regards,

Rob Christian

Hi Coach Mark,

I just thought I’d shoot you a quick update! I was secured from hell week with Class 291 this past Friday; though the road is still long, it is an unbelievable feeling. I still plan on writing a lengthy testimonial of SEALFIT and how it got me where I am today, but I plan to wait until after BUD/S, as I feel it will hold more water so to speak. Thank you again for the excellent service you provide.

Jake S (vertigo)

“Mark, As you probably know, you’re running a world class program – and by far the Best in Brand!  I’ve seen what else is out there – there is nothing comparable or close to what you have .  Every time I stop by there it gets better.  Thanks for the opportunity to speak with your class last week – and looking forward to getting out there again.  Most of the guys you’re mentoring there are doing well here in training”

–Paul Tharp

Mr Divine

Just wanted to Thank You for the SealFit Blogs and the wisdom of the Bushido. I have studied with a Sensei that taught us the Bushido, in a melding of different disiplines so that we are the ones going home to our loved ones. We bring our “demon” out to get the job done but must learn how to control and put him back until needed. Not easy, but goes along with the Sheepdog.

I now an involved with Adventure Racing in the Southeastern US. I enjoy the 24hr and longer races with 3 or 4 person CoEd division. Your emails and shared wisdom of developing the Team is so valuable. I use and give you the full credits for all the info you send out to me. I so enjoy that when younger or less experienced folks, that want to step up and challenge themselfs toe the line. I prep them with developing that we will finish and take care of each other out there. Your lesson’s have proved to be valuable study resource. Which lead to our successes. Sometimes it’s not pretty out there when people go past their precieved limits, but then they realize there are no limits. That is the reward!! Thru the year there are different people on the team, as we are not at the professional level. We all have jobs, family and committments outside of AR’s. I forward them your emails and info to study and go over. So that when we do get to do a training together we can put to practice the theory you have shared. It works!!!

I just wanted to Thank You and hopefully if I ever get out to the West coast I could check out your operation. Please keep the info coming as it is very valuable and rest assured that you and SealFit get the full credit. Ha, most know I’m not that smart anyway

Jim Kelleher, September 23, 2011


I am sitting at my desk working on some reports, but all I can think about is the amazing weekend that just took place. WOW! That was truly (in your words) EPIC. You and your team of instructors pulled off an incredible task. The amount of logistical work and preparation that goes into Kokoro must be immense. I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement leading up to the event and during the final stages when I was definitely starting to physically hurt.

I knew you were heavily involved in the martial arts, but I never realized the extent of the depth of your study and knowledge until this weekend. My training in the martial arts and CrossFit, up to this point in my life, has been mainly physical. I am now starting to become much more interested in the spiritual path that all warriors must eventually walk. I thought your lectures onYoga, the Warrior Spirit and Leadership were outstanding. I would really like to learn more on those topics from you when I am in a slightly more “alert” state of mind!

Greg Amundson, CrossFit HQ and Amundson CrossFit


Thank you for the amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend. The sleep deprivation completely wrecked me but it was worth the insight and awareness I gained about myself and my abilities. I’ve been involved in team sports my entire life and nothing comes close to what was achieved over that weekend. I’ve never seen a group come together so quickly and never seen so many people step up to a challenge in order to help their teammates. I hope the others gained as much from it as I have, I am a better person, father, husband, athlete and businessman because of it.

Thank you,

Tommy Hackenbruck, Rogue Fitness Athlete / UTE CrossFit

Hi Mark

I want to thank you for the experience of SEALFIT a few weeks ago. I learned a lot about myself, my abilities, and my preconceived limitations. As time is rolling by I’m finding value and lessons in the details. Thanks again for providing a testing ground for elite athletes. Because of SEALFIT I am considering entering a half marathon….Imagine that…a competitive strongman running 13 miles. Who would have thought?

Be well–
Rob Orlando, Rogue Fitness Athlete

SEALFIT Academy sample of PST improvements over 3 weeks:

Name Run 3 Pull-ups Push-ups 2min Sit-ups 2min
Mike 19:01/18:57 30/30 120/121 89/103
Kyle 20:40/19:21 19/25 70/87 66/81
Trey 18:21/17:53 27/30 101/103 106/111

December i was 5’8 220 the typical power lifter build, i got sick of it and got into crossfit for a good 2 weeks..THAT got boring and a friend refereed me to with that including a 90% strict paleo diet i am now currently 182.4lbs. I started doing only 25% of the PT sessions and now I am at 100%. amazing workouts..thank you

I hope all is well with you, and thanks for all your hard work and dedication. I’m taking my PFT again soon, and I have very high expectations for myself after all of the gains I’ve seen using your programming. I was a three sport athlete in highschool and a D1-AA football player in college and I have never been in this type of shape. Your program has not only brought me to a higher level physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. The most beneficial thing I have taken from your programming is that I have come to realize that I can push my body so much further than what I had thought prior to Sealfit. The mental fortitude I have developed over the past few months has been invaluable.
Respectfully, Tyler

“This is day 41 for me on SF (I have missed a couple of day this year), I was a power lifter before, 6.2” 259lbs. Played football at UCLA in the mid 90’s. Had back surgery about 3 years ago and been lifting off and on up to now. My dad (age 62) got me into SF over Christmas on a visit, he kicked my butt (rings, wall balls, Squats, burpees all I remember was looking at the clock and thinking “what the heck is this!?” then the timer would go off and it was time for another round).. Down to 248lbs today and ran my mile and a half in 11.51 last week and my mile in 7.48. Thanks pops for introducing me to SF and thanks Coach Divine for putting this together, I love it and hate it. Thank you to the troops and veterans for your blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice for this country’s freedom. My little church in Northwest Kansas supports and prays for you and is so thankful for you.”

–JRuckman — February 23, 2011

Hey Coach,

Those tips you gave today were truly inspiring especially after this winter time cold weather funk I have been in lately. I am going to take your advice and apply it every day towards getting to, and passing, BUD/s. Awesome advice, and as always a great WOD.

I just wanted to say that I did the SFAS (special forces assessment & selection) o-course “nasty nick” this weekend and i breezed through it. Granted, a lot of the obstacles are designed to expose fears of heights, claustrophobia, etc. but being a crossfitter I have benefited from the SEALfit workouts more than my old crossfit routine. I just want to say thanks for the awesome workouts and the mental toughness it takes (for me) to finish these to scale. I’m a cadet right now with aspirations of being a team leader for an ODA and know this is where I will prepare myself for future military endeavors
— Brett – February 16, 2011

First off i’d like to thank Coach Mark and all other contributers to the SEALfit program for dedicating your time and energy to helping people find, revive or create a part of them once never known, or lost. Personally, i am finding a power inside of myself i had no idea was there and had i not started this program i still would not know i posses. Before this program, i was a 19 year old high school graduate completely lost in what he wanted wanted to do with his life and going nowhere fast. As the time came to make a decision on what i want to accomplish in life, the idea of the military came up. My father spent 20 years in the Navy, so i thought i would follow in his footsteps and do the same. Little did i know that my heart would lead me in the direction of special forces. Once i was in DEP and figured out that this was real, i looked myself in the mirror and had a hard time telling myslef that i had what it takes. Then one day, one SEALfitter came into the gym i work at and turned me onto the program, and from then on i have not looked back. Thanks to SEALfit, i have gone from having hardly any confidence in myself, to knowing that there is not one challenge i can be faced with that, pass or fail, i wont give everything i have to complete. Everyday i bring myself to higher levels of mental strength that i did not know i had, doing things i thought only professionals were capable of. My mind tells me to quit, and my mind tells me im not good enough, yet my heart and soul persevere through and prove it wrong. Had i always possesed this trait? Yes. However, i had no idea that i did and that i was capable of retrieving it until i started this program.

Now i am in the DEP for the Navy and have a ticket to BUD/s, and thanks to Coach Mark and all other coaches and my “teammates” I have it set in my mind that it will be a one way ticket and for that i cannot thank you enough!

-Don Dirkin

Coach Divine,

I just wanted to check in with a quick e-mail. Although I did not finish the Kokoro camp I feel that it has change my mind set on life and workouts. I am disappointed I quit, but I learned a lot about myself and what I came to learn. For the first three evolutions I enjoyed it very much and had a great time. I would say one thing that really stuck out to me was how you led the hill runs and the run to the beach and into the water. That really said a lot to me personally.

If anything I have been shown just how far you can be pushed. I ran a 50k this week as a result. I ran this partly to show myself I am not a quitter and partly from the knowledge and experience from Kokoro camp.

I am strongly considering returning and completing a Kokoro camp. The quote about the pain of regret versus the pain of discipline has been echoing in my mind for this last week.

Thank you for everything,
Eric C

Dear Coach Divine,

I found out this morning that i was selected by the board to go to OCS with a billet to BUD/s! I was going to call you but i somehow misplaced your number. I really would like to thank you though for helping me on my path to achieving my dream. I realize that this is only the start of my journey but just getting my inital foot in the door is a big start! Again I can not thank you enough Coach, hearing this news is perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Trey – January 20, 2011

Dear Mark,

“Mark, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how glad I am to see you guys at SealFit using that kind of exercise prescription for your clients. I’m glad to see the military community is slowly but surely catching on to the science of physical training. I’m one of the Strength & Conditioning coaches at the Naval Special Warfare Prep Course in Great Lakes, as well as a CrossFit Instructor, and a former U.S. Marine, so I’m always glad to see programs like yours doing well! Take care man.”

– Confidential Source

“I have been on all sorts of magic workouts in the gym but THESE are absolutely ball busting. I allocate my lunch break to try and get these in and i am getting my *** kicked. Looking forward to one of these days completing an entire workout. Cheers guys and big thanks to MDivine”
– Framina

“I have been following your sealfit workouts for most of the summer. I am a huge fan of crossfit and all its affiliates, especially sealfit. Almost every day i go home feeling that todays workout was the hardest thing i have ever done.”
– Stephen, SEAL FIT coaching program trainee

“I am a Marine Artillery Officer currently working out of Camp Lejeune, NC. Myself and other team leaders in the unit have been following SEALFIT for a while now; a handful of us are CrossFit Level 1 certified. We’ve used the prescribed workouts on the website for weekend ‘motivated’ sessions or as inspiration to supplement and assist in programming our WODs. We have our own ‘garage gym’ set up in one of our motor transportation stables and run several workouts and training sessions for the guys as the workday permits. SEALFIT has been a great resource in assisting our mission to maintain combat readiness through functional fitness.”– Marine following the Operator WOD

“My name is Kevin and i have been following SEALFIT for a couple months now. I just want to say that the website is great and the workouts are awesome!”

– Kevin – following Operator’s WOD

I just wanted to thank you for the chipper and also the WOD log! I really like how you take our comments into consideration and todays note really shows how much you care about the community’s input. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

Comment by randomfire — April 5, 2010


I am a big fan of sealfit. In fact, I am currently a following the programming and expierencing outstanding resulting, both through the mind and body.

One day I hope to make it to a Sealfit Camp. Thanks for your hard work!

Semper Fi,Benjamin

I’ve got a fever….and the only prescription is more SEALfit.

I had to say it….

SEALfit is the best training I have ever come across hands down. I am in the absolute best shape of my life when it comes to overall strength, endurance, and with what has been referred to before as a titanium determination.

Just wanted to put SEALfit on the top of these pages so that people may be able to experience what I have. With a large portion or SEALfit in my weekly routine, I am confident in myself to do well in BUD/s.

Get out there, do the work, and do nothing but succeed.

My hats off to Mark Divine and all those who are responsible also for the creation of such a program. Thank you all for your time and effort.

Mark you are the man, thanks for all the wods and the now posting up the archives…this program is by far the best. and just gets better.

Comment by kid twist — April 5, 2010

Mark- Just a couple of days ago I was asking about the archived records and some chipper workouts. I have already told my buddies about SEALFIT and will continue doing so… You are the master of coming up with workouts and I look forward to seeing each workout every night.

I can now say that this is THE BEST workout website available! Thanks for all that you do and for keeping me in shape!

Comment by John — April 5, 2010

Mark, thanks for the upcoming changes and new information. I’m always hungry for new material. I think your concerns about intellectual property are relevant, but what makes a gym or program a real financial success is the community and atmosphere or energy in the gym.

Comment by Deadly Nedly — April 5, 2010

Coach Divine, I would like to thank you again for letting me drop in for yesterday’s SealFit WOD. It was an honor to work with you, and I have looked forward to it since I first found I do not usually operate in that time domain, but I learned that I have the mental capacity to keep moving when faced with an amount of work that would have seemed insurmountable just a few years ago. If I am in the area again I will certainly stop by, and I am trying to open my schedule to attend a Kokoro camp in the future.

Well fellas, I started the police academy a few weeks ago and felt like a rep for Sealfit. I’m one of the most fit there and I have to say THANKS A TON Sealfit and all involved. That includes all of you guys for your advice on the workouts as well as the nutrition. So thanks for putting me above and beyond expectations!!

Sealfit definitely is a huge influence and life changer for me as well.

Comment by flannagan — March 25, 2011

Seal Fit brothers, I have been doing SF off and on due to injuries for a year now. I have been going strong and steady since Thanksgiving now and am always loving it. I finally got my contract with the army squared away today and and was enlisted as a 18xray (Special Forces) recruit and am very excited about it. Thanks to Seal Fit and the Coach Divine I have been able to do this with confidence and did this in a place where I feel my body and fitness level finally are caught up with where my heart has been for years and am excited to start this journey. I will keep up the good work with Seal Fit and take pride in it for the next 5 months until I ship. Keep up the good work and keep on moving forward always.

Comment by Jeremy, aka JT 18x — March 14, 2011

Coach Divine,

The pre-training and basic training workouts were great and helped me achieve the most well rounded level of fitness I’ve ever had.

Also thank you for posting the operator wod’s everyday. They are a great resource. More importantly, thank you for the inspirational articles and professional reading list. The thing I missed the most when I left the military was the development of the intangible qualities that make a leader great. You’re website has been able to fill that hole for me. Thank you again.

V/R, Josh W

I wanted to send a big thank you to all the trainers working on the programming at SEALFIT. Last week I attended “Phase II,” an assessment for officers, and future officers, interested in the Special Tactics career field.

This was a physically and mentally demanding week, however, I felt prepared as I could have been for it thanks to SEALFIT. Your programming served as the base to my training (I tapered ~2 weeks out and began focusing on more running, swimming, and water confidence 3 months out). I was able to make it through each evolution strong and put out when others were just getting by. I was selected at the end of the week and will continue using SEALFIT as a base for my physical training. —JA

My daughter is an Academy grad and currently stationed in Norfolk but getting ready for a Germany tour. She has spoken with some of her chiefs and they endorse your operation very highly and even mentioned that some of your candidates fare better in their training after having been to one of your camps. That is certainly an excellent recommendation and thought that you would like to know that your program and its reputation has spread all the way to the east coast. — Linda, SEAL Candidate Mom

“Just got finished with the SEAL fit 8 week program … Everything complete – didnt miss a single rep, or meter…thanks for such a solid program !”
Michael Clarke

Mr. Divine,

Thank you for your team coaching emails. I just graduated with an MBA with a focus in leadership and teams. Your emails are spot on with what I learned from the leadership instructor. I look at your emails as a refresher course. Please keep them coming. One of these days, I hope to attend one of your camps.

Take care,

Chris Canon