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Weekly Monster Mash

Baseline: Pre SOP, Box Breathing, ROM, Run 800m, Row 500m, Run 400m, Row 250m, Warm up to 135# Power Clean.

Work Capacity:

10 Power Cleans  135#

Row 1000m

10 Clean and Jerks 135#

Run 800m

10 Power Snatch 135#

Row 500m

10 Deadlift 135#

Run 400m

50 Bar Facing Burpees

Durability:  30 min Warrior Yoga, Hydrate, Fuel.

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Advanced Training Guide.

Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine



SEALFIT BLOG: Dare to Be Special, Part 9

Dare to be Special, Part 9: BOLD Last week we discussed the vital role emotional intelligence has in leading ourselves, and others, with success and impact. To drive uphill the constructive, audacious brand of change that is aligned with our true purpose, we need boldness, plenty of it, and emotional strength is the source of […]

SEALFIT TV- Monster Mash

SEALFIT TV: A Hillseeking Monster Mash

Watch Coach Jeff Grant take last week’s Hill-seeking Monster Mash to the the foothills of the Swiss Alps in this latest SEALFIT TV episode! If you’re now feeling inspired to try our Monster Mash, click here.

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