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Baseline: Pre SOP, Box Breathing, ROM, Pre-SOP and Box Breathing, then ROM Drills. Row 500m, 20x strict press, row 500m, 10x strict HSPU.

Work Capacity:

Swim 1000m (sub 2000m ROW)
Run 2 Miles
Max Push Ups (Burn Out Sets)
Max Pull Ups
Max Sit Ups

Durability:5 Mile Ruck 50#/30# Uneven Terrain, Hydrate Fuel.

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Advanced Training Guide.

Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine



How to Win Your Freedom (and Power) from the Cycle of Stress and Fear

Our discussion today is in tandem with a podcast we are releasing with my good friend, Tony Blauer. Tony is an expert in self-defense and fear management. He makes his living reconditioning warriors and athletes and how they operate within the high-speed dynamics of a potentially life-threatening altercation, teaching his students how to take advantage […]


SEALFIT TV: 20X Documentary

Do you live your life comfortably nestled into a routine laden with complacency, free from any real risk?OR do you push yourself to your outermost physical, emotional, and mental limits?Knowing our tribe, I’m guessing it’s the latter.Below, you’ll be able to watch as 20 WoodWalker candidates transform and push their limits in an eye-opening SEALFIT […]

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