SEALFIT Kokoro Camp – A 50 Hour Navy SEAL Experience That Transforms You on Every Level

Tough. Focused. Resilient. Impossible to stop.

What if — in just three intense days — you could tap into a limitless source of power you never knew existed? Imagine moving through life without fear, and with total confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles and reach any mission or goal, no matter how big or challenging. That’s what Kokoro Camp can do for you. It’s a test that connects you to the very core of who you are, and what you’re made of.

SEALFIT Kokoro Camp is, quite simply, the world’s premier training camp for forging mental toughness, modeled after the US Navy SEAL Hell Week. Yes, it is brutal. No, it’s not for everyone. You may not qualify, or make it through the training. Yet, if you’re ready for this challenge…

you’ll find it to be an experience that changes your life, forever.

Kokoro is designed to break you down, then rebuild you into a powerful leader and consummate team player—the kind that makes everyone else better. Whatever your path in life, the confidence and wisdom gained during this 3-day intensive can multiply your performance and success by a factor that’s impossible for you to even imagine right now.

Kokoro Camp is designed to help you discover the deep power of your resilient spirit over your mind, and your mind’s control over your body. The program is skillfully executed by a cadre of SEALs with over 125 cumulative years of Special Warfare experience.

You’ll be pushed to your limits, because that’s where the biggest breakthroughs happen. That’s also why this is not “something you try”. It takes absolute, 100% commitment. You must have a deep and powerful reason for attending this camp, and be ready to pay the price for the ultimate freedom you’ll gain by the end.

Our elite team will be there—not to coddle or care for you—but to push you beyond your perceived capability limits. Just when you think you can’t go any further, we’ll help you find a source of strength, of courage and power that you’ll have access to for the rest of your life.

What Do You Learn? How Does Kokoro Produce Breakthroughs?

Our mission is not merely to push you for its own sake, but rather, to help you develop mental toughness and insight that you are capable of 20x what you think. This 20x principle applies to all areas of your life—your health and fitness, career, income, relationships and beyond. Once you see and “get” this fundamental truth, it becomes impossible to ever settle for less in your life.

Kokoro is rooted in the fact that there is leadership inside you, and that leadership can be brought out. The fact that you are even considering this means you have so much more that you are capable of. You feel it. You know you can do more. Kokoro will bring you face to face with that power and potential, and then help you seize it.

As you cultivate the non-quitting warrior spirit over three days, so many lessons and benefits will take place. You’ll discover sources of discipline and focus, you’ll sharpen your will and determination. Your ability to direct your attention on your goals and targets will increase, and you’ll learn to keep going until you reach them. No matter what.

Virtually every aspect of your mind, body and spirit are trained and tested through 50 hours of intense physical and mental training. By pushing you to your perceived limits, and then far beyond those limits, your concept of who you are and what’s possible will be revolutionized.

2016 Price: $1995

Payment plan available

Here’s just some of what you can expect to gain:

  • SEALFIT 5 Mountain training philosophy
  • Inspire Others by Being a Team Player and Authentic Leader
  • Connect Your Mind and Body with Warrior Yoga
  • Deep Awareness & Concentration tools
  • How to Control and Direct Your Attention on What You Want
  • Free Yourself From Distractions, Including Arousal
  • Develop a More Positive, More Authentic View of Yourself
  • Forge Deep Mental Toughness and Resiliency
  • Discover How to Control Your Emotions in Any Situation
  • Develop Functional Endurance & Stamina Training
  • Gain Ocean Confidence & Exposure
  • Discover How to Overcome Sleep Deprivation
  • Learn High-Level Decision Making in Chaotic Situations

Graduates join an elite team of men and women who have taken the challenge and have set themselves on a lifelong journey toward self mastery with SEALFIT as the wind at their backs.



Kokoro Camp Dates

April 22-24, 2016
June 24-26, 2016
July 22-24, 2016
September 23-25, 2016


Because of the extremely physical nature of this camp, there are very strict requirements. It’s not something you just decide to do on a whim. Please study the prerequisites for Kokoro Camp in detail, and make an honest self-assessment, before committing to the camp.

Originally designed for Special Operations candidates, Kokoro is now open to you and anyone who is willing to prepare and step up to the challenge. Students come from all walks of life, and include business professionals, military units and SOF candidates, US and foreign CrossFit athletes and a few tough moms.

How Do You Know If You’re Truly Ready for Kokoro Camp?

We have published updated Kokoro Camp Standards to help you understand just what you are getting into when you start your training for Kokoro.  We don’t want there to be any confusion as to what we are doing here.  This is not a “SEAL experience” alone…it is an event unlike any other that will test you to your core.

We want to prevent injuries as well as people holding their team back.  The work-load at Kokoro camp was described by an Iron Man athlete as “3 back to back Iron Man races, without rest.” It is intensely physical, probably beyond anything you can imagine now. Prepare well.

Prerequisites for a graduate certificate will be tested within the first few hours of the camp. They include:

  • 50 push ups (40 for women) in 2 minutes, 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 50 air squats in 2 minutes, with 2 minutes rest in between each.
  • 10 dead hang pull-ups for men, 6 for women
  • 1 mile run in boots and utility pants on the road in under 9:30
  • Body Armor (aka Murph) with 20# pack (15# for women): 1 hour and 10 minutes maximum

Endurance standards to guide your preparation (not tested for performance, but completion):

  • 10 mile run in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • 20 mile ruck hike with load in less than 6 hours

Two event failures (PST/Murph) will result in a drop from the course and refusal to perform any event will be considered a non-verbal drop.  Note: we highly recommend that you ramp up your endurance and stamina training. A standard CrossFit or SOF Prep training regimen will not suffice. You should run a marathon or half Iron Man and spend considerable time rucking with load.

Please contact us if you are not clear about the physical demands of this program. If you are performance dropped for failure to meet the  standards listed here you will be counselled by a SEALFIT Coach and be asked to leave training. There is no refund issued in this instance. You will be offered training advice and encouraged to register for a SEALFIT Academy or Kokoro Camp at a later date.

Minimum age is 17 years old with parental permission; there is no maximum age limit. No matter the age, the physical requirements must be met.

Black Shirt graduates have the potential to pursue intern positions and the SEALFIT Mentor program, as outlined on our web site.



You gave a company a hard worker, friends a caring person, a son his dad... I cannot thank you enough for this.

I knew I would not be the same person walking out of the weekend but I didn't think it would change me so much. Now that the dust has settled, I can better appreciate all the learnings. Looking at what we did, what was said, it all makes sense now. Quite frankly after 50 hours of effort, only going to bed was making sense at the time! Ahahah!

I realized that skills and aptitudes worth nothing if you are not willing to give 100% effort. This is reflecting in my attitudes towards life, people, work... Kokoro also made me realize I can make a difference! Without boring you with details, I was struggling in my relationship with my newborn (4-month) son. It has now completely changed. It went from "I have to be there" to "I want to be there".

You gave a company a hard worker, friends a caring person, a son his dad... I cannot thank you enough for this. I realize how powerful the "program/training" is with helping getting better physically, mentally and spiritually and a lot of people can benefit from this. I could go on forever but again, I simply wanted to thank you. I will find a way to stay involve within the sealfit community. This is the beginning of a great journey I think!

Thanks again, Hooyah!


My 18 year old son, without a doubt, knows that he is capable of anything he desires

Hi Mark, Hope you are having a GREAT summer!!

First, I want to say that the Immersion Academy & Kokoro 38 was an amazing experience for my son Chris Loken.

My greatest goal as a Mom is for my son to leave home knowing that he can do absolutely anything he puts his mind to, and for him to live life to the fullest by following what he is truly passionate about without fear, self doubt or quitting because of the necessary setbacks that happen. Well, I have to say THANK YOU to Sealfit for helping me take this goal to an entire other level! After completing Sealfit Immersion Academy and Kokoro 38 my 18 year old son, without a doubt, knows that he is capable of anything he desires. This academy is undeniably life changing and teaches the most important of life skills...courage, self belief, no limits, determination, persistence, quiet confidence, power of the mind and teamwork. Many people live an entire lifetime without these life skills and I'm happy to say with the help of Sealfit my son has learned these life skills before leaving home! Thank you!

Susan Loken

I understood for the first time just how transformative Kokoro was.

To Coach Divine and the SEALFit Staff:

A heartfelt thanks for my experiences at Kokoro and the Comprehensive Academy this past October. I reflect daily upon the lessons and knowledge taught during Kokoro and the academy. Not an hour passes without thinking of my teammates or the suck we endured during the 7 days at HQ! It was heaven on earth.

It was important to me to write a testimonial after fully absorbing my experiences. I knew I was a different person immediately after Kokoro. However, after having one of the most disappointing days of my life this past Monday, I understood for the first time just how transformative Kokoro was. On Monday, I learned that I am medically disqualified from joining the SEALs due to color vision deficiencies. This was a blindside and a gut wrenching moment to say the least. I've always seen colors normally and never had any inclination to believe that I have this condition. Earning the Trident has been my first thought upon waking every day since I was 14 years old. I've trained relentlessly for the past two years to forge a strong and durable body. Needless to say, learning that I was disqualified was a kick in the nuts. But something happened shortly thereafter that surprised me. It was my control over my emotions...and it was all thanks to what I learned at the Academy and Kokoro.

As I was leaving MEPS, I sat in my car in silence and focused on my breathing. I must have sat there box breathing for 30 minutes to filter out the negative and fear based thought patterns. Instead of feeling like a victim  and asking "why me?" I simply accepted it as an unfortunate life circumstance. I thought "it could always be worse." Rather than feeling hate towards the system, I embraced it and sought to understand why the rules exist. I was completely and utterly present in the moment. Finally, I felt love for myself. I didn't dwell my imperfection or think about the what if's. I listened to my intuition and acknowledged that there is something else out there for me. I am a warrior and I believe that the closing of this door means that others are now open. I am grateful for my training and the knowledge I've acquired throughout this journey and I am content with my current situation.

Anyone looking to attend Kokoro understands the physical and mental barriers that you must knock down in order to succeed. However, the gold is in how you learn to control your emotional response to outside stimuli. The environment at Kokoro will mold you into becoming a more emotional resilient being. No other physical challenge that I have participated in has penetrated so deeply into my soul. It is an experience unlike any other that will transform your life in many unexpected ways.

Once again, thanks to all the SEALFit coaches staff and my teammates. Hope to see you soon on the grinder.

Sam D.
Kokoro 35


They Were Blown Away

Coach Divine, I would like to say thank you for my experience at Kokoro 29, as well as my experience interning at Kokoro last March. I am a senior in college, and yesterday I interviewed with JP Morgan Private Bank for an Analyst position upon graduation. The competition was extremely steep and the process rigorous. This morning, they called to offer me the job.

Throughout the interview process, the interviewers all wanted to know everything possible about my Kokoro experience. During one round of interviews, that is the only thing they talked to me about. They were blown away, fascinated by the entire thing. I don't believe I would have gotten the job had I not had Kokoro on my resume, or had I not developed the skills and mindset forged by Kokoro.

Again, I would like to thank you. I hope you are doing well, and I hope to make it out to Encinitas again sometime in the near future. Hooyah Coach!

McCall Tomeny


2 Years Later
I wanted to let you know that even two years later my Kokoro experience continues to be a significant event for me.  I frequently draw upon the lessons learned that weekend.  During stressful events at work or in surgery,  SWAT missions, long races or difficult workouts.  Thanks again to you and your coaches.

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do.  
Ever since I went through Kokoro my life has changed.  Your knowledge, community, team, and spirit has taught me a lot about myself and what I can do personally and professionally.  If you were to meet my childhood friends you would understand the transformation you have helped me make.  It means a lot to me and I only wish I would have been a part of your program 15 years ago.
Enough with the sappy shit!  Hooyah! -- Josh

Kokoro is worth every dollar paid.

I have been through some very tough sporting challenges in my life whether it was trying to make the National Cycling Team in Pursuit or turning myself inside out on an ergometer to eek out every available watt for a coach until I collapsed. Kokoro challenged me in a total body and mind fitness like no other. It was a challenge from the get go when Coach Divine and his Team asked us to assemble on the grinder the first time.

The key to Kokoro is training correctly both physically and most importantly mentally. If you show up mentally unprepared you will have a very tough time. Know your WHY inside and out. Your WHY will come into play when your mind messes with you and says you need to quit. A strong mental foundation will get you through the tough times.

The physical aspect of the course is extremely rigorous. Two tips for potential Kokoro grads.... RUN, RUN and RUN some more. You should also be able to do pull-ups and push-ups as if it were like walking. If it isn't second nature you are not doing enough !!

Overall, I found my Kokoro experience to be everything and more than I had originally hoped for when I took the plunge. I found Mark Divine and his Team to be hard charging and focused (my kind of people). I personally learned alot about myself and about the teammates I suffered with during my Kokoro. I enjoyed a birds eye view into what it really takes to be the best of the best. Thank you Coach Divine and Team for a great experience and one that I will take with me forever. Kokoro definitely raises the bar very very high ! I will see you again.

Hooyah 32!!! - Tom Russell


I am not the same person after Kokoro

The experiences I had during Kokoro 29 have completely and permanently changed me in very powerful ways - for the better. I am not the same person I once was and I'm proud to say I have been forged into a  stronger man.  Hooyah! - Loren L.

“I can’t do Kokoro justice in words of what it has helped me accomplish.”

Kokoro has given me the boost of confidence I needed that nothing else has been able to give me. Myself nor anybody else has challenged me to the point where I HAVE to perform beyond preconceived limits.

Kokoro is second only to combat in the way it builds camaraderie, leadership, and a brotherhood forged by adversity and overcoming that adversity. I often catch myself practicing breathing exercises or flashing back to a part of Kokoro that was particularly demanding and it reminds me that the task at hand is minuscule in comparison. Kokoro not only positively reconstructed my being, but it also severely humbled me and assisted in pinpointing weaknesses, both physically and mentally, then gave me the tools to transform them into strengths. I can’t do Kokoro justice in words of what it has helped me accomplish. The SealFit community is one like no other!”

Respectfully, - Faris Amra  -Kokoro 30


“I cannot put into words how grateful I am!”

Dear coach Moser,

There are decisions in life that really define a person. If it was not for you helping me in my time of self doubt I would have made a decision that would have to stuck with me the rest of my life. When you first told me that I was not allowed to leave; I was upset. I was thinking who is this guy, and why won’t he let me quit. When you told me you will thank me later I thought no way. At the end of camp I realized you were absolutely right. I can not put into words how grateful I am that you made me stick it out. You taught me lessons that I will keep my entire life. For example, you taught me how to keep on pushing when you are working in a team, and how important it is to be there for your team. You taught me that in life you can not just quit no matter how hard life gets you just need to keep on fighting, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. No one knows what is going to happen in the future, but if you give your all you will be successful. That is the best lesson anyone can learn.

Thank you so much, - Coulter Turchin -Kokoro 30


“Preparing for and completing Kokoro camp was the best thing to ever happen to me.”

When I made the decision to sign up for SealFit Kokoro camp, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. As a college basketball player, I consider myself to be in good shape. However, when I arrived in Aspen and got my first taste of CrossFit I was extremely humbled and thought to myself “I’m not in shape at all, this is embarrassing.”

The first few weeks of training were very mental for me. To be a college athlete and struggle through workouts, while a 120-pound housewife powers through it next to you is not in the least bit inspiring at the beginning. It’s just downright discouraging. However, once I began to reap the benefits of CrossFit I was more than inspired by the level of dedication it took these people to get that strong and fit.

As the weeks went by, I began to see improvements in many areas. I was stronger, faster, more flexible, and my endurance was through the roof. I began to post faster times on workouts that had taken me much longer just a few weeks before. I knew that I still had a long way to go, but I was definitely on the right track.

As the summer moved through the end of June and into July, my confidence was sky high. I still wasn’t the best at CrossFit by any means, but for me personally I was in the best shape of my life. This is when I knew that completing SealFit would be the most challenging thing of my life, but that failure was no longer an option. I was past the point of return for quitting.

Preparing for and completing Kokoro camp was the best thing to ever happen to me. I was able to learn more about myself this summer than some people may ever learn about themselves in a lifetime. It has not only made me a better leader for my teammates, but a better leader of my own life. I find myself making better and more and confident decisions. I’m not as easily flustered as I was before. Each day of my life I use something I learned at Aspen CrossFit or at Kokoro to my advantage. My coach has told that I “no longer run from challenges, but rather run straight at them.”

I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of doing SealFit Kokoro or a SealFit 20X challenge to just go for it. It will change your life and teach you things about yourself that you may not be able to imagine. I now crave life’s challenges and look to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Like I tell everyone who has asked me about Kokoro: If I can make it through, so can you. - McCall Tomeny -Kokoro 29


“It Was an Honor.”

Commander Divine, My name is Brandon Myers. I graduated Kokoro class 26 last October. I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and all of the SEALFit instructors. I just found out that I was selected for OCS and BUD/S.  The physical and mental training that you have developed has truly prepared me for this journey. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to experience your training firsthand. I am ready for this monumental task, and I owe you all of the credit. Thanks again coach! Hooyah – Brandon M. –Kokoro 26


“I feel better prepared for all aspects of life.”

“Hi Coach Divine, It’s been a few weeks since we finished Kokoro 29 and I am writing to thank you and the entire coaching staff for providing our class with an amazing weekend of teamwork, training and personal development. I read Kokoro reviews before attending and thought I had an idea of what to expect, but the camp was more intense and eye opening than any review can describe. The combination of physical and mental stress was a great opportunity to work as a team while pushing past our preconceived limits. I’ve already begun approaching daily tasks differently after being exposed to the mental techniques taught at Kokoro and feel better prepared for all aspects of life. Thank you for an amazing weekend.” –Cole Johnson –Kokoro 29


“Remarkable and Soul Enriching Experience."

“Dear Commander Divine I would like to express my gratitude and thankfulness for all the remarkable and soul enriching experience that I will carry into eternity with me.I am honored and privileged to have met and trained under your leadership . I will continue to grow and enrich my Kokoro Spirit for as long as I live. – Pierre Assor



“I am sitting at my desk working on some reports, but all I can think about is the amazing weekend that just took place. WOW! That was truly EPIC…I thought your lectures on Yoga, the Warrior Spirit and Leadership were outstanding.” -  Greg Amundson, CrossFit HQ and Amundson CrossFit, Kokoro Camp 12


“Everything Now Seems Like a Cake Walk in Comparison."

“Those 48 hours were perhaps some of the most grueling, yet rewarding I have ever encountered in my life. As a marathon runner and a competitive athlete everything now seems like a cake walk in comparison…I now feel I have the confidence to get through BUD/s, and with the experiences I faced in camp I can take it with me to Coronado and use it so I can help not only myself but my teammates.” - Trey Fischer, Kokoro Camp 9

“I draw on the experience every day in so many aspects of my life.”

“You’ve created an amazing life experience and I’m honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to live it. I draw on the experience every day in so many aspects of my life —in my thinking and reflection, relationships, training, teaching and coaching, pro-action/action/reaction, business, etc. While I’ve completed some relatively sizable endurance events in the past…none of those experiences comes even close the holistic takeaway from Kokoro Camp. Not even close.” - Jeff, Kokoro Camp 13


Gear List

  • Minimum 3 pair of Black BDU Ripstock Pants (more would be ok)
  •  1-2 Pairs of Compression shorts
  • 1 Floppy “Boonie” Hat (for sun protection- not mandatory)
  • 1 pair of running boots (we suggest breaking them in)
  • Minimum of 8 white SEALFIT “Workout Tee’s”
  •  1 BDU Utility Belt (Black)
  • Socks (have a few Smart Wool or Dry Weave for Kokoro)
  • 3 pairs of workout shorts
  •  1 –2 pair of running shoes
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • Toiletries/ shave kit

We sell your core gear at - Check out our KOKORO Package with RECON Urban Boots

The following medical conditions will require doctor approval:

  • Diabetes Type 1 insulin dependent
  • Any type of heart/valvular shunts or stints
  • History of seizures
  • Hyperthyroid
  • Pregnancy
  • Currently on prescription pain medications



You will get a confirmation email once you have registered for Kokoro. You will be asked to fill out an application which includes a brief essay. The application consists of a health assessment, statement of assumption of risk, release, indemnification and non-disclosure and a photograph/media release. It is important to complete the essay defining what your motivation is to attend this event and what you hope to get from it. You will also list your Pre-requisite scores. The Coaching Staff reads all of the essays, address it as such and be honest with your self-assessment.

A Warning Order will go out to all attendees approximately 30 days prior to the event. It will contain specific instructions for check in times. Generally this is approximately 8:00 AM on the first day of Kokoro. Read the Warning Order when it comes as that is the final word.

Information on SEALFIT HQ, the location, travel and accommodation recommendations can be found here. Do NOT plan to fly or drive on Sunday after Kokoro.

All meals are provided. It is recommended you bring snacks, energy bars or some form of replenishment. Your first meal will be Friday evening; we suggest a well-rounded, heavy protein morning meal, light lunch. You are welcome to bring some snacks such as protein bars with your gear.