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Weekly Monster Mash

September 24, 2014

Baseline: Pre SOP, Box Breathing, ROM, 4 Rounds; 25 Sit Ups, 25 Push Ups, 20 Walking  Lunges

Work Capacity: 

Complete the Following for Time

50 Cals on Airdyne or 150 Cals on Rower
50 Overhead Walking Lunges 95#/65#
40 Cals on Airdyne or 120 Cals on Rower
40 Overhead Walking Lunges
30  Cals on Airdyne or 90 Cals on Rower
30 Overhead Walking Lunges
20 Cals on Airdyne or 60 Cals on Rower
20 Overhead Walking Lunges
10 Cals on Airdyne or 30 Cals on Rower
10 Overhead Walking Lunges


Durability: 5 Mile Ruck on Soft Sand 30/20# Pack or Vest Hydrate, Fuel.

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