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Weight Lifting Shoes

If you are serious about weight lifting, getting the proper shoes may prove worthwhile. While they are not necessary they may help you avoid injury and improve your results.  Coach Laura and Coach Adam will give you their rationale for using them.

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Yoga Pick Me Up – Airplanes

When you are sitting on an airplane or on a long road trip your body can take a sedentary beating. It doesn’t feel good.  Catherine will show you in the video some simple body movements and stretches that can be performed in a small area. Yoga Pick Me Up – While Sitting Down from Mark […]

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Mobility Improvement with a Roller

If you haven’t started to use a roller for recovery, or mobility improvement, it’s time. This really is an indispensable tool that will keep you working hard with less chance of injury as well as a body that is less sore.  Here is a morning rolling routine to get you out of bed.

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Yoga Pick Me Up – Short Morning Practice

If you’re not a morning person it can be a challenge to wake up.  This really simple morning practice will invigorate your spin and get your heart rate going when you wake up.  Try this over the next week and see if it helps get you on the right foot for your day. Yoga Pick […]

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