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Supercharging Your Sleep – Dr. Kirk Parsley

How rested and recharged do you feel when you wake up? If it’s anything below an ‘8’ on a 10-point scale, you owe it to yourself to listen to retired Navy SEAL, Dr. Kirk Parsley, discuss the secret science of sleep with Commander Mark Divine. Dr. Parsley has specialized in sleep, recovery, and nutrition for decades and will cover everything you need to maximize the health, longevity and performance upside good s

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A Life Worth Living – Charles Eisenstein

Learn how to make your ‘dent’ in the Universe and create the legacy that will define your life. Leverage computing, your entrepreneurial spirit and game-changing technologies to get more done in less time, while making the world a better place for you and your family. Listen to Commander Mark Divine and Charles discuss how old […]

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Only the Strong Survive – Ben Greenfield

Ready to reach ‘superhuman’ levels of performance? Listen to Commander Mark Divine chat with renown ironman, fitness guru and biohacker Ben Greenfield, as they discuss training, 20X performance, mental toughness, the world’s toughest 48-hour challenge (KOKORO) and tons more. Learn how Ben uses qualitative and quantitative measurements to fine tune his results.

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Peak ‘Primal’ Performance – Mark Sisson

You can live naturally AND leverage scientific breakthroughs to revolutionize your health and fitness. Renown author, blogger, speaker, educator and endurance athlete (4th in Iron Man), Mark Sisson talks to Commander Mark Divine about turning back the clock of time and anti-aging. He also shares his “primal blue print” and simple template for living an […]

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Beyond Paleo and Primal Diets – Robb Wolf

You probably eat pretty healthy and train hard, right? Well, there’s another level of performance possible for you — and renown Paleo author, Robb Wolf…along with special guest Dr. Kirk Parsley…together join Commander Divine to discuss how to get you there. You’ll get cutting edge info as it pertains to nutrition, training, sleep and more. […]

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