Law Enforcement Tactical Training

This course is designed and instructed by Navy SEALs specifically for the law enforcement tactical officer and his/her team. Participants should expect 10-12 intense hours each day of tactical and mental exercises covering topics like;Hostage Rescue & Dynamic Entry, Active Shooter Response, High Risk Search Warrants, Training Planning & Execution, Sniper Tactics & Utilization, Hand to Hand Combat & Takedowns and SEALFIT Physical Fitness & Mental Toughness Techniques

SEALFIT Military Academy

4-day comprehensive Academy for a military unit. Held at SEALFIT HQ or at Unit location if the conditions are appropriate. Contact us for pricing and details.

SEALFIT Private Academy

If none of the above options meet your personality or schedule, we also offer an individualized 4+ day Academy option during time frames that do not interfere with group training events. Please contact us for pricing and details.