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SEALFIT BLOG: Dare to be Special – Part 7

Dare to be Special – Part 7: An Unbeatable 4-Step Process for Channeling Courage in the Toughest Situations It was as violently drastic of a change as it sounds. One week, I was dressing smartly each day in a suit and tie, swinging a briefcase in my hand as I hustled through the streets of mid-town […]

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SEALFIT Blog Part 4: Stoke your Inner Vision

You had been living an ordinary, run-of-the-mill existence that was ball-and-chained either by submitting to the safe, well-meaning expectations of others or yielding to weak, limited expectations of yourself, or both, and you could sense a discord growing within. You were pursuing an easy major in college or slogging through a cog-in-the-wheel job, living center-mass […]

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