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The Mark Divine BLOG: Yoga in a C-130

Yoga in a C-130

Hello tribe! Commander Mark Divine is taking a much-needed vacation to relax, recharge and re-align his mind, body, and spirit. He didn’t want to leave his readers without a blog post though. Since Kokoro Yoga will be a part of Mark’s daily vacation ritual, we here at the Unbeatable Mind Academy thought we’d share an excerpt […]

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The Three Pillars of Longevity – Part 2

This is part two in a series of posts regarding the three pillars of longevity. You can find the first post here. Fueling the Body Through Breath Work and Hydration Last week, I shared my ideas on the three most important pillars of optimal health that will allow us to become our health care system, forever […]

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The Three Pillars of Longevity – Part 1

Caring For Your Own Health The human being, if born healthy, can remain healthy throughout life, and even extend life beyond what is accepted as a normal lifespan. This is accomplished by building the right beliefs about human health, and habits in three key areas that I call the three pillars of longevity. These principles […]

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SEALFIT BLOG: The Secrets of Resiliency


4 Steps Toward Mastering Emotional Control   Do you tend to back off, or even quit, when things get hard? Is it because you get overwhelmed emotionally, and let fear, uncertainty or frustration derail you from the mission? Have you ever kept a tally of how many times you’ve allowed wild spikes of emotions torpedo […]

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