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  • Tim C

    Mark, I was thrilled to read the latest blog post and the changing view of moving to a more plant based lifestyle.

    I switched from a Paleo to a Plant based diet about 2 years ago and have been astonished at the performance and health gains I’ve achieved. As a Crossfittet and Endurance athlete one of the biggest advantages I’ve seen is my ability to recover after hard days and ready to go the next. Glad to see a little more exposure to this way of approaching fueling for this community.


  • PaulNoreau

    Somewhat interesting in “8 Weeks to Sealfit” states “Seal Fuel really is a caveman diet. It is commonly called the Paleo Diet” P 39….is this insight to eliminate most meat from the diet an evolution of thought…or should those in “8 weeks” training stick to seal fuel while those not in 8 week training eliminate most meat?

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