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  • CraigGraves

    Hey Coach,

    Enjoyed this blog! I asked the “Information Age” question on the call the other day a loved hearing you and Michael answer! If you are looking for book topics I think that one would be fantastic. You said you and Michael could talk about that all day and I could listen (or read) to you guys talk about it all day. I think it’s fascinating and would be a great book! I can see these VUCA leader concepts fitting nicely into a book on that topic.

    Thanks again,

    Craig Graves

  • BradThavenet

    Enjoyed the blog as well. I can see that the adaptation of the VUCA model to the upcoming “generational changes” in how we interact and lead in a multi-generational organization is quite in line with the horizontal and vertical concepts. I would love to read and explore more about this as well as it may make a great topic for your next written endeavor!!


    Brad Thavenet

  • Rosemarie Rosete

    Interesting perspective. I would like to learn more. YES to developing the topic of VUCA Leadership into a book. Thank you for blogs and for the way you present the topics. I can always find something key point that I can apply to my life in the “now.”

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