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SEALFIT BLOG: Warrior Yoga Part 3

Part 3 of the Warrior Yoga series The 6 Strategies of Warrior Yoga In last week’s post, we discussed the bedrock strategy that Warrior Yoga is built on: Developing a personal ethos and how developing your ethos and code of conduct is the first, critical part of the journey in becoming a Warrior. As I […]

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SEALFIT Blog: Warrior Yoga Part 2

An Integrated Practice Grounded in Ethical Disciplines Strangely enough, my journey to earning the Navy SEAL Trident began while in the otherworldly trenches of climbing the rungs of a career on Wall Street. It was the 1980s. I was a desk jockey living and working among seven million others crammed into New York City, the […]

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SEALFIT Blog: Warrior Yoga

Honor, courage, resilience, emotional power: These have been keywords and concepts in our overarching discussion these last few months about how an individual can build the grit required to take on an overwhelmingly intimidating challenge like the attrition rate that knocks out 96% who aspire to wear the Navy SEAL Trident. One thing we know […]

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SEALFIT BLOG: Unbeatable Mind 3rd Edition Preview

CHAPTER THREE Self-Mastery The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs. —James Allen Prior to the SEALs, my career as a fledgling accountant at Coopers & Lybrand was driven in the short term by my goals of earning an MBA and CPA (showing a need for significance) […]

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SEALFIT Blog: Emotional Power & the Unseen Demon

Our 5th installment in the Serious Resiliency Series   So far in this series we’ve examined how the demons of anger and anxiety are like corrosive acids, burning through emotional power, energy, and the capacity for being present in our lives. Relatively speaking, these demons are easy to identify. When venting anger strikes, the perp […]

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