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Top 6 Lower Body Strength Training Exercises

Your body is a temple. And it starts on the ground floor. Arms and abs might move magazine covers, but it’s seven billion lower bodies that move the world. From your feet to the small of your back rests the engine of peak performance, whether it’s just the activities of daily living or a matter […]

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Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

It’s not called your center of gravity for nothing. Whatever it is you want to do, your core is involved, and strengthening your core makes you better at it. A tougher center of gravity makes you a less resistible force and a less movable object no matter what you’re involved in. A stronger, healthier core […]

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The Mark Divine BLOG: Nootropics and Qualia

A topic I’m asked about often is nootropics. I’ve discussed nootropics on the Unbeatable Mind Podcast with awesome folks like Ben Greenfield and Mike Bledsoe. But most of the questions I get stem from an interview I did with Daniel Schmachtenberger, founder of the Emergence Project and a member of the Neurohacker Collective. The Neurohacker […]

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The Mark Divine BLOG: Developing Heart

Developing Heart   January 8th marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Kokoro Yoga ™. Kokoro, from Japanese culture, means “heart” and would translate better as “spirit” or “wholeness.” The term caught my attention when I considered what happened to the warrior-athletes who boldly step into the crucible experience of our SEALFIT 50-hour camp. […]

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