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SEALFIT Fundraiser for Jon Atwater

Click here for the SEALFIT Charity WOD Jon Atwater is a good friend and an amazing human being. Jon and I first met when he agreed to come be our Master Brewer at the Coronado Brewing Company 15 years ago. We quickly became fast friends with both he and his wife Jenny. Several summers ago […]

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Marks Blog: Honorable Integrity

The word integrity shows up on the value lists of most individuals and organizations. But that is where things stop. The problem with this is that integrity is relative unless measured and framed with a positive ethos. Otherwise, it can be a big negative. You would be hard-pressed to argue that Hitler didn’t exhibit great […]

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Marks Blog: Trust Actions NOT Words continued….

Last week, we spoke about trustworthiness as the glue that holds relationships and teams together. This week, let’s dispel some common myths about trust: I. Trustworthiness is a soft skill only. Wrong. Trust is a combination of soft and hard skills. II. Trustworthiness is developed slowly, over time. Wrong. It can be created and destroyed […]

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