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  • Paulrampone

    Excellent Post. I’ve been practicing Box Breathing with my 12 yr. old daughter for a few weeks to help improve her focus, not sure she completely buys in, but we always seem to have a good talk we finish – from that standpoint alone its a win.

  • E-arevalo

    I Love this.. Ever since i started in 2011 with unbeatable mind then transitioned to SEALfit online cant stress how it benefited me that i started using it on my doughter since she was a newborn.. May sound funny but it works.. She is 3 now and its so cute when she gets into a tantrum or finds a task hard to do, i have caught her numerous times , stopping “reassessing and BREATHING deep in through the nose and out .. then she re affirms to her self “Erynn you can do it” and she does it or calms herself down by herself… I get chills writing this!! WOW i can be the first to say it has been working with my daughter this will just make it better.. THANKS SEALfit look forwrd to see how far you guys get with this.!! HOOYAH!!!

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