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The Mark Divine BLOG: Yoga in a C-130

Yoga in a C-130

Hello tribe! Commander Mark Divine is taking a much-needed vacation to relax, recharge and re-align his mind, body, and spirit. He didn’t want to leave his readers without a blog post though. Since Kokoro Yoga will be a part of Mark’s daily vacation ritual, we here at the Unbeatable Mind Academy thought we’d share an excerpt […]

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The Three Pillars of Longevity – Part 2

This is part two in a series of posts regarding the three pillars of longevity. You can find the first post here. Fueling the Body Through Breath Work and Hydration Last week, I shared my ideas on the three most important pillars of optimal health that will allow us to become our health care system, forever […]

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The Three Pillars of Longevity – Part 1

Caring For Your Own Health The human being, if born healthy, can remain healthy throughout life, and even extend life beyond what is accepted as a normal lifespan. This is accomplished by building the right beliefs about human health, and habits in three key areas that I call the three pillars of longevity. These principles […]

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