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  • MorrisBrossette

    Great post sir! I am excited to learn more, and integrate Kokoro Yoga into my daily practice. I am building a new gym community and hope to make daily visualizatiion and Kokoro Yoga a part of our total mind body programming.

  • ScottMorris

    Thanks Mark…appreciate this.

    2 questions:
    * The “15min to start your day” are the 5 bullet points leading up to, but not including the workout at the office, correct?
    * Can you tell me how much coconut oil and butter (butter?) you put in your coffee…would certainly hate to over shoot on those. 🙂

  • CyrilWhite

    Thank you! I too follow a similar morning ritual each day. I have been waking up at 3:30AM for the last two years to open our CrossFit box and coach our 5AM class. Many people think this is terrible and I could probably get up at 4:30 and still get it done, however, I have to have my complete morning ritual, which includes expressing gratitude and journaling, everyday! One I’m at the box forget it! I do have a very important question for you, however, which is like you I workout at my “work” everyday (when I’m lucky) and sometimes do not feel fully present during my workout because as a business owner I find it hard not to continuously focus on our athletes and clients and making sure they get the best experience in their workout. I only workout if one of our other coaches is coaching. I DO LOVE working out with my athletes and team but how do I detach myself from the business so I get the best workout I can? I would be interested if you ever experience this? THANK YOU!! Cyril

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