Weekly Monster Mash

Weekly Monster Mash

Baseline: Pre- SOP, BB and ROM Drills. Run 800M, then 15 minutes of various Sand Bag Drills (70/40)

Stamina / Work Capacity: Teams of two (*) perform AFAP:

Run 1 mile

50x Dead Lift (225/155)

100x Box Jump (24/20)

50X Power Clean (155/115)

100X Slam Ball (40/20)

50x Overhead Squat (115 / 75)

100x Burpees

50x Sand Bag Get Ups

Run 1 mile

*Both partners run together. One person works movement while other is in leaning rest. Goal is equal distribution of workload. If Solo then halve the movement reps (or for a challenge do as is!)

Durability: Banded Buddy Stretches, Mobility work and Post SOP.

Stay focused & stay on target -– Mark Divine


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