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The Mark Divine BLOG: Developing Heart

Developing Heart   January 8th marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Kokoro Yoga ™. Kokoro, from Japanese culture, means “heart” and would translate better as “spirit” or “wholeness.” The term caught my attention when I considered what happened to the warrior-athletes who boldly step into the crucible experience of our SEALFIT 50-hour camp. […]

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The Mark Divine BLOG: Special Forces

I recently spoke at a conference called ChiroFest and started the talk with a moment of silent gratitude for all the military warriors who serve and protect. It was nice to see 700+ Doctors honor the veterans – and it got me thinking about how I was personally drawn to serve. I was in New York […]

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The Mark Divine BLOG: Social Media Q&A

Q&A with Mark Divine This week I am going to take a pause and do something different. Some of you may know that I run an online integrated warrior-leader development program called Unbeatable Mind. Part of this program includes a higher end coaching / mastermind group that I get to do private webinars and Q&A […]

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The Mark Divine BLOG: Unbeatable Kids

Unbeatable Kids Many parents in my Unbeatable Mind Program have reported experiencing breakthroughs with their kids when they use or teach some of the simple principles with them. Many of the tools and practices can be adapted for use with your family as a team, or for your kids solo to use on their own. […]

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The Mark Divine BLOG-Power Up!

Power up

Power Up! I have been thinking a lot about the notion of power lately. The word often has a negative connotation when used by the media – as in power projection, or abuse of power. However, what they really mean is force. Force is a push or pull, a physical action or movement meant to […]

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