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Find Your 20X Factor

You may have heard me speak of the 20X Factor. It’s that watershed moment when you find that you are capable of far more than you previously allowed yourself to experience. This experience – Kokoro and Unbeatable Mind are good examples – alters your internal sense of self and concept of what is possible physically, […]

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Marks Blog: Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

Last weekend I felt a wave of gratitude and awe wash over me as I stood in the Craig Hospital, a top spinal injury rehab center in Denver, Colorado. My good friend, Jon Atwater, is one of the temporary residents, who are all remarkable people embarking on what is truly the Unbeatable Mind journey of […]

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Marks Blog: Gain Momentum by Getting Real

When I left active duty and started the Coronado Brewing Company, besides leaving an amazing group of teammates who had my back, I lost an environment where real conversations about performance were expected. Suddenly I was having important business conversations with the expectation that I was being told the truth, when in fact real truth […]

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SEALFIT TV – Kokoro 29 PST

Welcome to another episode of SEALFIT TV! Watch as Kokoro Class 29 prepares for the weekend by performing the minimum standards for pullup, pushup, airsquats, situps and mile run. How do you stack up? Test yourself on the following and post your results in the comments. These are the minimum requirements for Kokoro. 50 push […]

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Marks Blog: A Conversation About Time

I had a quick question and answer exchange the other day with an Unbeatable Mind student which I felt would benefit everyone who reads and follows SEALFIT. The issue is how to train the mental, emotional, intuition and spirit when you are a busy professional, father, mother, husband or wife. Let’s face it, we are […]

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