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Welcome to this week’s installment of SEALFIT TV. This week, we challenge you to a SEALFIT Pull-Up contest Please read the rules below. Hooyah, The SEALFIT Team Contest Rules: Max full reps. No time limit. Can drop one arm at a time but cannot drop down. When your feet touch the ground you are complete. Dead […]

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SEALFIT TV: Countdown to Kokoro

Welcome to this week’s installment of SEALFIT TV. Thomas Edison once said that “if we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Watch as participants of KOKORO speak about how they prepared to push past their limits and astound themselves, their friends and family. Hooyah, The SEALFIT Team P.S. […]

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Marks Blog: Trust Actions NOT Words

In the SEAL teams, we didn’t talk about values, we learned to act values. If one failed to act in accordance with key values such as trustworthiness and loyalty, then there was an opportunity to learn, often is somewhat painful ways. Here are key attributes of those that ACT trust and loyalty: I. They are […]

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SEALFIT TV: Preparing for Kokoro Camp

Welcome to this weeks installment of SEALFIT TV. As a graduate of Kokoro 29 and manager of the NavySEALs.com store, Coach Melanie knows a lot about preparing for Kokoro camp. Watch as she reviews the necessary gear and offers some helpful tips on how to breeze through the camp. Happy President’s Day!, The SEALFIT Team […]

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